Searching on the internet by a 4th year student

This week Kimberley Burnett, from Edinburgh’s Royal High School has been working with us. We have done our best to give her real experience – she has been helping us review client websites, looking at ad copy and helping us identify potential leads (amongst other tasks). We would like to thank her for her enthusiasm and hard work.

One task we gave her was to write a post for the blog. So without further ado and in true blog fashion of not editing anything, here are her insights.

Searching on the internet by a 4th year student

Searching on the Internet for a 15 year old is completely different from 15 or even 10 years ago.

For 15 year olds at present I don’t know what we would do without the internet. For us today it is all about it. People think that the internet for teens is all about chat room such as MSN, myspace and bebo. That is true but we also browse and buy online. The internet has become one GIANT shop. Everything that you would expect find on the high street you could find on the internet and more – from Cds, clothes and electronics to loans make-up and concert tickets.

As a 15 year old the internet is not the most amazing thing because we have been brought up on it, but what is amazing is how the internet is expanding and the amazing and unusual thing that you can find online.
When browsing for a product online to attract me to a site there are many factors:-

Key words.

The key words that I typed in have to come up bold in the advert bold and there are a few words that would in particular catch my eye. Such as attractive, amazing, NEW! , fantastic and fabulous.


The price is really important in the ad copy. If there is a well known name above the name of site being looked at and the price is cheaper than the well known company then I would go with the less known product. But you would need to be reassured that the products are real and there is safe paying online because they are not well known.

Once into a site many people of my age would generally go to the search bar at the top rather than dig around for the product in mind. To make a good web site for me there has to be good design to the page and there has to be easy navigation. There also has to be good pictures, people of my age group are very image driven people. Along with the picture there has to be very concise information on the product, maybe bullet pointed to make it easier to read.

People of my age do not just use the internet for chat and shopping we use it for useful things like advice and homework. But for things like that we get recommendations.

In conclusion people of my age search and buy products mainly through images and we are very impatient and need words to catch our eye on searches.

Kimberley Burnett

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