SEO and the Law

Tomorrow evening Attacat Tim will be co-speaking along with Euan Duncan from MacRoberts LLP  at the Scottish Society for Computers and Law about the topic of SEO and the Law.

image courtesy of thedmsproject
image courtesy of thedmsproject

SEO is growing and maturing, as it does it inevitably comes up against a variety of legal matters. The seminar will seek to shed light on areas where SEO meets the law.

The event will also look at some of the underhand tactics that are used by some of the SEO community who may see “law” as optional. In addition Euan and Tim will discuss how the law is trying to adapt to the new challenges posed by the ever changing internet. It will also look at the sort of contracts that could be drawn up with an online marketing consultant and a client.

The event looks like it will be a highly engaging one with lots of room for discussion and debate. There are a limited number of spaces left and is free of charge for SSCL members and non-members alike. To book a place please email:


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