Attacat’s SEO Glossary

The SEO team at Attacat is pleased to announce the release of our SEO Glossary (mostly because we think you’ll love it but also because we’ve beaten our good friends in the PPC team to the punch – big surprise!). From bot traffic to pagination, brush up on your SEO vocabulary by flicking through our SEO glossary.

Coming across unfamiliar words, phrases and acronyms relating to SEO is extremely common (even if you work full-time in the field!). SEO will always be an evolving discipline, with new expressions and terminology continually being created as a result. This is something that can’t be avoided which means that anyone involved in the online presence of a business must strive to continually update their professional SEO vocabulary.

Brush up on your SEO vocabulary

When stumbling across an unfamiliar term, the default response is to perform a quick ‘define x‘ Google search which, for the most part, will deliver the intended result. Alternatively, you could take a proactive approach by browsing through our SEO Glossary! We’ve designed the glossary to help both new and experienced web professionals as well as anybody interested in brushing up on their SEO vocabulary.

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We really hope you find the glossary useful and would love to hear what you think of it. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of our PPC team’s glossary (but we wouldn’t recommend holding your breath!).


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