SEO Roundup – May 2011

Here’s what I picked up in search engine optimisation news in May…


Google launches ‘Think Insights’

The new website provides Google’s data-supported insights about digital marketing trends, so aims to help us marketers understand how people use the web. Full article


‘Sort by subject’ comes to Google Images

Google have added the new feature to enhance the search experience and make it easier for users who may not quite know what words to search for. Full article

(Search Engine Watch have a nice post on this – 4 Easy Image Optimization Tips for Google’s New Sort By Subject)


New data search engine ‘Zanran’ launches

Zanran declares “Zanran is Google for data” – the search engine is built to return statistics from graphs, tables and bar charts. Full article


Google Webmaster Tools no longer requires URL blocking

Google announced mid-May that they no longer require you to remove URLs through Webmaster Tools. Full article


Bing adds more Facebook ‘Likes’ to search results

Microsoft’s search engine takes the next step to becoming a ‘decision engine’ by integrating more social content. Full article


Google News adds option to remove blogs & press releases from results

New settings allow users to see more, less or no blogs in their Google News results page. Full article



Watch out for…

Website owners are warned of hacked canonical tags

A recent trend has seen canonical tags being hacked. Full article


Google Shopping requires UPI’s

Product feeds should include Unique Product Identifiers for all products apart from apparel or custom made goods. See guidelines


If you have anything else to add to May’s news – please leave a comment below!

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