Shiny & New: The Attacat Website is Officially Relaunched

We’ve done the worst of the debugging, sorted our redirects and updated webmaster tools.  Which leaves only IE6, Macs & the ribbon…….


we are open!

Attacat Home Page

So what’s different?

  1. The facelift – hopefully you feel we are a bit brighter and jollier
  2. Covers all our services – for a long time we’ve been doing a lot more than PPC for our clients but not been telling people about it.  This particularly includes our SEO and Web Design related services.  We’ve become the trusted pivot point for many of our clients’ entire web presence, yet most don’t even know we can offer this full service.
  3. It’s got a good bit more social
  4. We’ve now got a usable & flexible  CMS (the old one had so much associated “friction” that it prevented the site from getting updated)
  5. We are making our public blog much more central to what we do as an organisation.  We’ve even given it a name – read about The Attacat Brain here.

Website Credits

With thanks to:

  • The Attacat Team for the marketing considerations: words, layout, concept, functional spec, project management
  • Ladarnas for the technical bits: WordPress integration, migration and CSS
  • Elastic Creative for branding and graphic design
  • WordPress: The very fine content management system.  Never ceases to amaze that such a great piece of functionality is free and so much better than the vast majority of proprietary CMS on the market.

(All fine Edinburgh folk with the exception of WordPress (who are just fine folk))

What we’ve left Behind

Former Grim Home Page


A little Facebook Experiment

Bit random we know but we’re doing a little test for Facebook which requires this including.  If it works, we’ll let you know!  In the meantime, move along please, nothing to see here.

dinky home page image

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