Sky and Google to Collaborate

As reported in a Sky press release, Sky’s customers are to gain “customised access to the full benefits of Google’s evolving suite of innovative products for PC, TV and mobile”

Will this have a big impact on our clients?

Whilst it is an interesting announcement in being one of the major UK specific announcements of recent times, in the near term it’s likely to be fairly unnoticeable. In the longer term the significance, at least in terms of the market’s evolution, could be interesting.

What might we expect?

Speculation of course but here is some of what I would expect:

  • The Portal – Sky’s internet portal searches will show AdWords ads. Search advertisers will hardly notice as any traffic that Sky may generate, will probably be traffic that would most likely have been previously exposed to AdWords or Yahoo! adverts anyway.
  • Mobile Search – A Sky/Google collaboration may yet be interesting
  • Interactive TV search – as convergence between TV and the internet continues, we can expect AdWords to migrate onto the Interactive TV platform.
  • Beyond search – The Guardian, in reporting the deal speculates that this may see Google expanding into more conventional TV advertising. Likely this will be similar to Google’s approach of bringing auction based advertising to print and radio advertising slots. It is another piece of the jigsaw in Google’s move away from being a search pure play.


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