Social Media Podcast: Kiril and Tim join the regulars to talk iPad2, Check-ins etc

With a massive chunk of my time having been taken up with the move (and all the associated surreal experiences) I haven’t had a chance to mention Kiril’s and my appearance on the Social Media Podcast number 33 which was recorded on iPad 2 launch day.

You can catch up on 40 mins of geeky chat with the us and the Social Media Podcast regulars on iTunes.

Social Media Podcast

Here’s a quick run down of what we talked about:

iPad 2 launch

Is it worth upgrading to? Is it almost fraudulent? What about the Motorola Zoom? Could they improve the out of box experience?


From daily to Lynx advertising – getting it right offline but is the iAd up to scratch? And from designing fancy dress suits to finding gold.


What does a swarm badge at EdTwestival mean for Foursquare and Check-Ins? And Ian explains Hashable (non-location based checking-in)

Facebook Stories & Privacy

Is it illegal? or is it a fantastic advertising opportunity?

Advertising Spends

Being cut but big brands investing in social media activity instead, moving marketing spend into doing more for customers

And add a sprinkle of cup cakes, a new bubble, the need for senior management to buy into social media, and a round up of Kiril’s Conversion Rate Optimisation presentation for the New Media Breakfast and you have an education yet light hearted car journey…or jog…or commute into work…or company whilst doing the washing up (whatever floats your boat really!)

And if you still need a reason to listen, find out why HMU is the next big thing…

Listen here.

(Update 19/04/2011 – as we didn’t disgrace ourselves too much on edition 33, Tim and Joel were asked back for Edition 34 too! Download both on iTunes here)

With thanks as ever to our friends at fatBuzz.

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