Social media roundup: April 2012

Similar to the weather in much of the UK, there’s been a veritable downpour in the world of social media news recently. Except in Scotland, where it’s been overcast and breezy. I don’t know what that means in relation to social media, but here we go anyways:


facebook gets all hipster:
puts on silly glasses and buys Instagram

The big acquisition news in April was Facebook’s purchase of Instagram for a cash-plus-shares sum of $1billion. Yes, $1billion. Apply some stupid filters to poorly composed photos, promote to hipsters, make $1billion.

instagram facebook

Now there clearly has to be some logic to splurging crazy amounts of cash on a photo-sharing platform that doesn’t actually make any money, and the suggestion is that it’s part of Facebook drive to develop their mobile offering. People share photos on Facebook, people share mobile photos on Instagram – there’s a clear tie-in.

Nobody’s quite sure how they will monetize Instagram (they surely can’t have paid this much for it not to), with this article by BusinessInsider giving a few ideas, although suggestions like ‘it will keep people using Facebook’ aren’t really monetisation ideas…


stupid yahoo social news reader oatmealother facebook: ads, IPs and telling you what to read

We’re all bored of Facebook now, so I’ll try to make this brief. In Facebook ads news they’re going to be improving the Insights data for ‘action measurement’, which means you’ll be able to see who then used your app, RSVP’d, or talked about you in addition to the usual likes. There’s also been some research indicating that linking to a Facebook property (e.g. a FB page or app) rather than an external site will result in lower Facebook costs and more effective advertising. The embedded Slideshare on the article doesn’t appear to work, so please form an angry, pitchfork-carrying mob and hunt the creators down if you want to see it.

Finally, in an effort to get more people to use those really, really annoying social reader apps in Facebook (that show you what news story your friend was reading but then won’t let you read it – see image right from the oatmeal) Facebook are trying out trending or promoted articles. It’s not yet clear how these are promoted or why they insist on ruining the news.


social media tools: so much awesomeness

I’m going to be really generous now and provide you with some useful resources of social media tools. Why? Because you promised to retweet this post on Twitter. Don’t give me that look, you promised. I heard you. Well you can’t go back on it now.

17 Little Known Social Media Tools You Should Be Using – a little list from KISSmetrics that includes such little-known tools as Google+ and Hootsuite. Riiiiight. Apart from these clangers there are some fairly good tools on the list, paid and free, that you might not have come across.

Socdir | Social media directory of tools – there are a lot of social media tools out there, so Socdir is attempting to collate and review them in one place. Nice idea and will hopefully get better and better with time.


tumblring down

I apologise, that subheading is awful. It does, however, help to introduce the news that Tumblr now has 50 million blogs and 20 billion posts. Well done Tumblr. It’s a platform that’s largely stayed off my radar, but is getting some really good uptake and is being used by some as a social hub for their brands. They’re testing new developments to attract brands and bloggers including promoted posts and suchlike, so worth keeping an occasional eye on.



oh jesus more pinterest, kill me now

Oh there goes the Pinterest bandwagon, with every hipster and annoying marketer in the world on board.

In fairly interesting news, the Pinvolve app that converts Facebook pages into Pinterest pinboards apparently increases repins by 150%+ according to TechCrunch. Fully cross-integrating your social presences is definitely highly recommended, and this is a great example of how social-to-social can help spread your content even further. So give it a go if it’s relevant to your offering.

If you’re sharing on Pinterest then have a gander at these video tips, or at this selection of tips and tools. Then hope that the Pinterest bandwagon crashes into a tree or something.


another share button

Following the standard trend Google have introduced a share button for Google+. You can now add this to the near-infinite list of share buttons on your site alongside Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Digg, Stumble, Tumblr… maybe eventually there’ll be a button that automates moving your mouth and telling the person next to you.

google plus share button


success? measure it

And to finish, here’s another post from KissMetrics featuring some good general strategy advice on measuring your social media campaigns.



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