Social media roundup: February 2012

This roundup post is so jammed full of social media sweetness they’ve actually had to increase the length of February this year so you can fit it all in. You say it’s an additional day accumulated due to the astronomical calendar not quite fitting in with Gregorian calendar? Nonsense!


Pinterest logo

pinterest eats the world

Every man and his dog has been ‘bigging up’ Pinterest recently, with thousands flocking to the picture-based social network to see what’s going on.

Bart: But you’re giving in to mob mentality

Homer: No I’m not, I’m hopping on the bandwagon. Now come on son, get with the winning team.

bandwagon simpsons

Of course it’s not long until ‘Pinterest for marketing‘ and ‘7 ways to use Pinterest to promote your business‘-style articles come flooding out too, telling you how to target arty hipsters and ruin their quirky social network with brand and business presences. Will it be a flash in the pan or create a lasting legacy? I recommend you jump on and find out – you’ll either be partly responsible for its death or get some great referral traffic.

It’s not all good news for Pinterest, as the legal minefield that is copyright law has some issues with people nicking images and posting them somewhere else. Which is fair enough really. Sites can now opt-out of allowing content to be ‘pinned’, and Flickr has already blocked all copyrighted content in this manner.


twitter for brands: pages and ads

Twitter brand pages are coming soon for everybody! Yay! Yes I know I’ve said that before! And I know they haven’t arrived yet! And I know I’m still shouting! Here are some nice Twitter brand page examples to whet your appetite ahead of the inevitable delay.

Annoyingly Twitter ads (the sponsored tweets / users) are also only available to the big spenders, but they’ll soon be opening up Twitter advertising to smaller businesses in partnership with American Express. And, to my quite regular annoyance, it’s only in the US for starters. Grizzle grumble…

coca cola twitter brand page



Facebook logofacebook is now made of shares,
half mobile and other news

Facebook are going public, and hoping to avoid the disasters that befell a lot of the early dot com companies who went the same way. It might not mean much to you, but it could provide some challenges for them. Around the time of their announcement they also release some mighty interesting stats, including that mobile accounts for half of its user base.

In less positive news, confidence in Facebook commerce and in-page stores is waning with some major brands dr0pping their presences. It’s clear that you really need to offer something different to your regular store otherwise it just won’t get traction.

Facebook are also getting ready to roll out their brand page timelines, and it should be a fairly exciting change to the brand page visuals. We’ll give you some tips as and when it happens.

You might have noticed that you can now ‘verify’ your brand page or celebrity profile on Facebook. It’s worth doing to make your brand a bit stronger and avoid the pretenders (although as they haven’t had a hit since the 80s that’s not hard).

Red Serpent
Creative Commons License photo credit: Epiclectic

In Facebook tips this month ensure you’re using the latest functionality and can run a sweepstakes effectively.


national twotto!

I was recently given a heads-up on an interesting social media / charity lottery initiative called National Twotto. It’s an on-Twitter lottery entered by following and sharing, with prize money being split between a winner and a chosen charity. They need 100,000 people to get started, so worth a look to help a charity startup get going.

national twotto


Google+: What you should know

I’m sure you’re all a little bored with Google+ talk after last month, but to help you get moving on it for your business here’s some intro tips and a guide for optimising your profile.

We’ve also come across some fairly interesting research/summaries on how Google +1’s could affect your SEO and how Google decides which promoted ‘People and Pages’ entries to show in search results.



I am linked to Bing. Bing is linked to me. Happy family?

Bing have released a ‘linked pages’ feature that is attracting a little controversy, as it doesn’t seem particularly secure and seems ripe for pranking.

It requires access to your Facebook account, which I know people give out willy-nilly these days but I’m not sure I’m comfortable with it. I personally don’t want Bing posting on my Facebook wall. Ever.


Gi’s a job

And to finish, in these austere times it’s good to see an idea to help people find work: Jobsminer is a job search engine that searches through all the major social network.



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2 thoughts on “Social media roundup: February 2012”

  1. Attacat Tim says:

    Got to disagree that pinterest’s privacy policy is “fair enough”. It’s a disgrace

  2. Attacat Joel says:

    You’re a disgrace ;-D

    Copyright law is obviously a pretty confused area at the moment, but currently people can ‘pin’ an image that doesn’t belong to them on their web presence and take credit for it. Surely you can see why the content creator would be annoyed in many situations?

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