Social media roundup: Jubilympic May 2012

Every brand in the UK has been jumping on the red-white-and-blue bandwagon, and apparently there have been examples of increased engagement through social media.

My nan doesn’t get an enormous, celeb-filled music concert saluting her because she’s been in the same job for 60 years…Mind you my nan is stone deaf so probably wouldn’t appreciate it. And possibly a little bit racist and/or homophobic. Cliff Richard probably wouldn’t have gone down too well with her, but then again it never stopped Prince Philip did it?

Of course I’m joking, I don’t have a nan. On to social media!


I am become knowledge

google knowledge graph

Google has flexed its intelligence muscles (normally know as ‘brains’) by including results from the Google Knowledge Graph alongside searches. Basically Google is improving its semantic search by assessing what you are searching for and displaying related information in the right-hand column of the results.Think Wikipedia without having to actually go to Wikipedia.

It’s the next step in Google ensuring you only need to leave Google unless absolutely bloody necessary. It’s primarily going to apply to people and locations, and here are some key things you should know about Google Knowledge Graph.


facebook wants a new mobile

facebook-mobileNo it’s not Mark Zuckerberg paying over the odds for a Samsung Galaxy III, but the news that Facebook are going in hard on their mobile strategy.

Moving on from the reported acquisition of, a facial recognition tool, the next big step is reportedly the purchase of Opera, the web browser that is particularly well known as the default mobile browser for the iPhone’s iOS. That would enable them to integrate Facebook into the mobile web experience far more in an effort to be in people’s faces as much as possible.

But the rumours get bigger, with the alleged creation of a Facebook mobile phone platform. Mobile is the area where Facebook knows it needs to work on, as its revenues from ads are only going to decrease as we access Facebook more and more on mobile, and their own mobile platform would provide the opportunity for location-based ads plus app and ecommerce stores. Although dubbing it ‘Face Phone’ is a bit weird – I wouldn’t want that in my pocket.


it’s a shame, in the ad game

Not all rosy for Facebook however. The public company float didn’t go quite as well as hoped, and then GM, the US’s third-largest advertiser, pulled advertising from Facebook over a disagreement between how much GM could brand ‘takeover’ pages. The disagreement is that they can’t. At all. Facebook is generally careful to protect the user experience against advertising ‘interruption’, but how long can they hold out now they’ve got shareholders baying for profits? It’s also been found that, since the introduction of the Facebook Timeline, the top 50 brands have seen comments drop by 11%, however that seems to be offset by likes increasing 11%.

Talking of advertising, Zynga, the king of Facebook games, wants brands to pay for words in Draw Something; so you could be drawing ‘Nike’ or ‘Bob’s ballbearings’ for your friends. OK, maybe not the second one. Tumblr is also getting into the ad game, although they are setting a minimum spend of $25,000.


FB promoted posts and access levels

Facebook are adding functionality for different levels of administration access for business pages and scheduled posts for delayed posting. This is useful, so thanks Facebook!

More excitingly, they’ve also introduced a new promoted posts feature where brands can highlight a story to people in their news feed. It’ll show up as ‘sponsored’ in the main news stream and only to existing ‘likers’, so it’s a bit different to sponsored stories that show up in the right-hand column.


linkedin and slideshare sitting in a tree

LinkedIn are apparently on the verge of buying SlideShare for $120 million. It really does make perfect sense bringing together the leading Powerpoint-style tool and the leading professional social network, and it might help LinkedIn gain a bit more social traction from knowledge sharing. Isn’t it lovely when people find their one true love?

powerpoint didnt forget sound effects


me see on Pinterest, me buy

Following the furore about pinning effectively being ‘stealing’ content, Pinterest and Flickr have worked together to add attribution links to pinned content. They’ll be extending the auto-attribution out to video sites like YouTube in the near future. There was also a study claiming, somewhat unbelievably, that 32% of consumers surveyed made a purchase after seeing the product on Pinterest. Colour me sceptical; however it’s clearly important to keep tabs on what of your content is being pinned, and a new service named PinAlerts tracks what’s being pinned on your website so you can keep tabs on your best social content.


bitly – new and awful!

Well decided to go through the whole redesign shabang, and like many redesigns it hasn’t gone down well at all. Just check out the comments in the announcement blog! The argument is that it’s actually made it harder to simply share URLs (the whole point really) and the short URL is longer than the old


axis of evil

No it’s not a terrorist collective, it’s Yahoo’s new mobile browser ‘Axis’. It’s been a while since anyone knew what Yahoo actually do, and this is another effort to define their reason for existence. Apparently it’s a fair effort, but the browser scene is competitive even if mobile hasn’t really been exploited as much as it could have.


video – fight!

Social video could be the Next Big Thing ™, and there are a few providers fighting to become the ‘Instagram of video’ – Socialcam, Viddy and Klip. See yourself using either of these apps in the near future?


and to finish…

…this bumper edition here’s a nice inforgraphic on how social login affects ecommerce.

social login infographic



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