Social media roundup: July 2012


We’ve decided to mix things up a little bit this month, with a separate Facebook and Twitter roundup. They just keep taking up too much of the bloody headlines…


Facebook roundup: July 2012

Facebook logoIf you want to keep on top of Facebook marketing you’ll need to know what’s happened with ‘Zuckerberg and pals’, including:

Page tabs? You still do them?
Upwardly mobile
Upload photos: be ‘pinteresty’
It’s all just branding…
You might like, you might not
Facebook does CRO

Absorb it all here >>>


Twitter roundup: July 2012

Twitter have stepped up search and their expanded tweets during July. Lookey!

Improved search functionality
Advert targeting – now better
Graphs, followers and other shizzle

Information-plant your face here >>>



Foursquare: about to be useful?

Sorry, don’t like Foursquare. Never have, unlikely I ever will. However they’ve finally got round to potentially making it useful for advertisers with ‘promoted updates‘. Promoted elements certainly seems to be the preferred monetisation strategy in social media at the moment, and you can see how it might work in Foursquare – you’re in a particular location and advertisers compete to show you a nice big ad for their nearby shop with a nice description and offer/incentive, and recommendations from friends. It’ll be cost-per-action charged, and might actually add some value to Foursquare; I just wonder why it took them so long…


Digg starts again

digg rebootAfter the Digg horror show of the last few years they’re attempting to come back – the social bookmarking site has been bought lock, stock and barrel by tech firm Betaworks, who have apparently rebuilt it from the bottom up in an attempt to revive the one-time king of social promotion. It’s going to be combined with, a start-up Betaworks launched this time last year, that shows users what their Facebook and Twitter connections are doing and reading.

We won’t know whether this is another fallen giant being repeatedly purchased for wasted millions / dead horse being pointlessly flogged (I’m looking at you FriendsReunited) or a refresh with a genuine chance, but I’m included to believe the former. They’ll do well to recapture the users and enthusiasm generated by the site’s early years, and you know what they say: “Never go back”.


Stipple-late good photography

Stipple is a new social e-comm service that enables publishers to tag images with additional information like product info and prices, video that remains and updates no matter where the image is republished – even if it’s saved, reformatted and saved as a different file type. This would be absolutely incredible if it were to happen for everyone, but it actually requires the user to have a download/plugin for it to work and I struggle to see the value to consumers. Worth keeping an eye on however.


I’m a rebel! Blur me!

No not that Blur...

In a nice move for freedom of speech, protest and information, YouTube have announced they’ll be adding functionality to blur faces in uploaded videos to protect activists. Yes, there are some concerns that the original video might be stored and you can’t choose whether to individually blur faces or not, but it’s a good step nonetheless. Fair play to YouTube.




Social media monitoring tools

More social media monitoring tools for you to check out – some of the reviews are quite useful actually. Enjoy!



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