Social media roundup: March & Easter

This Easter social media roundup is eggactly what you need to catch up on the social media news and tips from the last month-and-a-bit. See what I did there? I used the word egg. Easter. Egg.

Actually quite a lot has happened over March and the Easter period so prepare to be metaphorically headbutted in the face by a stream of pure information:


google speccy four eyes

google glasses hipster


I actually thought the announcement of Google Glass(es) was an April fools as I was on holiday and not really paying attention, but it’s really just the next logical step in augmented reality. I’m linking to BBC news because hilariously if you search for Google glasses or similar no results from Google show up (because they posted it on Google+). Nice PR guys. And as a sometimes glasses-wearer I know that it’s only a matter of time until people take the pee out of them.


google plus redesigns / copies

Now that the initial ‘buzz’ (that’s an in-joke) that surrounded Google+ has died down Google know they’ve got work to do to keep people interested in any way/shape/form. So they’ve had a bit of a redesign tinker, moving the navigation to the left and adding a pretty close impersonation of the new Facebook cover photo. It’s also been suggested in the last month that Google could introduce their own web-wide comments platform (similar to Facebook comments), which will probably be based in Google+ somehow.


free-ish social media tools

TheNextWeb has collated together a collection of largely free social media tools that you’re likely to find useful in 2012, so try them out and let us know which ones you rate. And while we’re on the subject of tools, here are some for updating Facebook automatically (although it’s best not to).


pinterest: connect and track a redesigned waste of time?

Pinterest logoT’is the season for social media platform redesigns apparently – maybe it’s the sun finally coming out – and the hipster-favourite photo site is following along with a Pinterest redesign of personal profiles. But enough of the visuals; it’s about people, and there’s now a suggestion that connecting Pinterest with Twitter is a very valuable way of gaining new followers and should be done from your very first signup.

However despite the fuss it’s been argued that Pinterest traffic is worthless, and chasing it a total waste of time unless you know what you’re trying to get visitors to actually do so you get value from it. It’s a good point that should always be remembered in any marketing efforts – what are you trying to achieve with the time and spend? The more data you can get the better, and this post on tracking who’s pinning what content on Pinterest (warning: techy post) is very good if you can get your head around it.


facebook searches, lists and leaves

facebook search zuckerberg desk

There’s been a lot of speculation that Facebook Search is not too far away, largely stemming from a picture posted by Mark Zuckerberg in which a suspiciously search-like bar can be seen on Facebook running on his laptop.  Apparently. If you look really hard. So, analysts are predicting a bit of a fight between Facebook and Google over who will dominate social search sphere, with, currently, Facebook having the data-stuffed FB social graph but rubbish search and Google having super search but fairly poor Google+ social.


Facebook have also introduced ‘interest lists‘ as a means of segmenting the stream of information that is shown in a news feed, and it could be a good way to become more relevant to your target users and improve your EdgeRank. But it’s likely that, similar to objectives targeting, it’s been introduced to improve the performance of facebook ads and make them more money. Yaaaaay!


Talking of ads, some businesses are lamenting the loss of default landing pages for non-fans. As discussed last week there are things you can do to compensate, and remember to take advantage of the new 810px width for custom pages.

In other Facebook news, their insights analytics is going real-time had some measuring changes (leading to reduced figures but don’t worry).


tweetdeck better, still lags behind

Regular readers will know I much prefer Hootsuite to Tweetdeck, but I give credit to Tweetdeck for trying to improve – given that it’s owned by Twitter it should really be head and shoulders above, but alas it is not. So some recent Tweetdeck changes add a little functionality and look fairly swish, but the thing still operates like a dog. Now I’ve got the image in my head of a dog using Twitter. That’s weird.

On that note, good day!




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