Stickybits: The New Twitter?

One of the many joys of the Internet is you don’t actually have to be at a big conference to get the big picture (you just miss the often important nuances). SXSW is one such conference that I’d love to be at but when you have the wind and rain of Edinburgh as the option, the choice is obvious.  Edinburgh wins again.

Twitter originally launched at SXSW and was talk of the conference. Foursquare was last years star and it would appear that Stickybits may be this years premier launch.

The concept is simple – a bar code you can attach content to.  But that doesn’t sound very interesting so head over to Stickybits.  Get the iPhone or Android App and then come back here and scan this bar code.

Attacat's first Stickybit

Then add your comment to the bar code.

Once we’ve stopped having fun with it, we’ll get our head round the myriad of potential marketing opportunities.

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One thought on “Stickybits: The New Twitter?”

  1. Attacat Ben says:

    Looks like my Windows Mobile 6.5 phone was a mistake then, no app for me… Or perhpas they’ve missed a big sector of the marketplace?nnAnyone got a method for dual booting an HTC HD2…

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