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Attacat Joel

Page authority and domain authority for SEO linkbuilding

What's in a link? Simple answer: 'link juice'. Of course if you're not familiar with the term that won't really mean much, but the basic idea is that some of the strength of the page containing the link (or 'juice') is passed through the link to the linked site. But how much juice is passed? How valuable is a link from site A compared to site B? And how are changes to SEOmoz authority figures going to affect you?

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Link: SEO in Pictures (infographic)

Not a brand new link but a lovely  infographic here.  This was produced by Datadial – very useful overview to show to clients and as always the visual beats the lengthy email or phone discussions! I particularly like the SEO tactics matrix. Datadial: SEO In Pictures – Our SEO Infographic

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