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Attacat Joel
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Google’s monetisation changes: the impact on your SEO

Reading time: 5 mins   Google’s ongoing changes to search results pages (SERPs) are promoting paid listings and forcing organic results further and further down in prominence, impacting SEO efforts. Google made $19.1 billion from advertising in 2015 It is worth clarifying that Google, from a revenue perspective, is an advertising company. They are not a search engine, a […]

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How PPC is Destroying SEO: Culture Cultivation and Taxation

Over the past decade Google's business model has been one of culture cultivation followed by taxation - where a product is provided free of charge to allow a culture of use to develop, and when it reaches critical mass it is upgraded with a paid for version. After ten years we are now witnessing Google's transition from a seemingly ad-supported free service, to it's real form of an advertising platform with a few non-commercial results to maintain a rounded service.

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