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Global Audiences, Usability and Pastries (Part II)

Back on Friday I had the pleasure, along with Attacats  and of taking a trip to the lovely Canongate offices of Bunnyfoot for a digital masterclass seminar. We were treated to 3 hours of expert presentations by 4 of the Bunnyfoot team. The morning was a fundraiser in aid of the Bunnyfoot Care Challenge. A marathon […]

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Attacat Jon

Global Audiences, Usability and Pastries (Part 1)

On Friday the 30th of July, a trio of eager Attacatians ventured off to the Bunnyfoot Edinburgh office for a half day seminar on usability based topics. The seminar was designed to raise awareness for Care International UK - if you are interested in making a donation here is the JustGiving page (if anyone from Bunnyfoot is reading this, you'll see we made a contribution!).

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