The AdWords Philosophy

Google have recently created a philosophy document to help explain why they do the things they do with AdWords.

Unsurprisingly they strongly allude to the concept of “those who search with the expectation of finding highly relevant information” being more important than advertisers, despite the fact that advertising revenue remains their main income stream.

As advertisers this is sometimes a difficult pill to swallow and certainly frustrates many of our clients. But the logic does follow: if the end searcher has a good experience, there will be more of them around to be advertised at.

Some interesting comments within the document

“The next step in our evolution is to make the system more transparent, while also giving you more control of when and where your ads are served”

Targeting by age, sex, income, behaviour perhaps? Fingers crossed.

Reinforcing the first part of the above quote is:

“As AdWords continues to evolve, we will aim to share more – and more substantial – information, so long as disclosure does not compromise the safety and integrity of the AdWords system, or your security as advertisers.”

This alludes to the frustration that results from having to put up with things like your ad not always showing where you expect it to, not being open about what is in the landing page algorithm etc.

As an agency we don’t mind this too much as it just presents challenges to be overcome (which we usually enjoy and ultimately provides opportunity to outsmart the competition). But not every advertiser appreciates it as much as we do.

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