The changing face of Google SERPS – Google’s redesign

Google has recently announced it will shortly be rolling out a redesign of its search result page.

The redesign has already launched on but there is no indication as to when the changes will be launched on the UK Google search engine. The design doesn’t visually look as if it’s anything significant but there is a possibility that the change could have a large impact on Google’s search results.

So what’s changed? Basically the search toolbar usually along the left hand side has been repositioned along the top of the screen, under the Google search bar.

There are a couple of elements to this redesign that will affect the Google SERPS. Firstly, this redesign will provide more room for the knowledge graph; the box of content that Google generates based on the users search query. This basically means that this content will become more prominent and as Google develops these graphs there could be a strong possibility that it will impact organic search.

But how?

As these knowledge graphs become more advanced they could ultimately answer a user’s search query instantly (as they’re already doing at the moment for certain search queries) and will reduce the need for the users to click on any of the organic results provided for the search term.

What about paid search?

The movement of the search toolbar from the left hand side to the top of the page leaves even more room for paid ads, including Google shopping ads. Additionally the movement of the toolbar means that users who wish to filter their search results will be redirected to the top of the page and ultimately back to the location of the paid ads

Realistically this redesign could have a positive effect if you have PPC campaigns running for your key search term as Google is driving more traffic to the areas of the page where the paid ads are. Alternatively it will encourage those who don’t use paid ads to include this in their future internet marketing strategies.

The bigger picture

According to Google, this redesign has been implemented to improve the search engines usability but the timing of the change encourages us to believe otherwise. With the biggest period for online shopping just around the corner the introduction of these changes will make product listing ads and paid search results impossible to ignore, and will consequently provide Google with even more of that juicy revenue.


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