The Importance of Local Search

Last week I held an expert session with the rest of the attacats on the importance of local search and Google’s locally focused products (blog posts on Google Boost and Google Tags to follow).

During my research I came across a few interesting statistics;

20% of all searches are related to location (Google)

90% of online commercial searches result in offline bricks and mortar purchases (proprietary research/comScore)

82% of local searches follow up offline with an in-store visit, phone call or purchase (TMP/ comScore)

80% of budgets are spent within 50 miles of the home (DMA/ proprietary)

74% of internet users perform local searches (Kelsey Group)

61% of local searches result in purchases (TMP/ comScore)

As pointed out by Kiril, it is worth noting that the different sources may have used different methods to calculate these statistics. However they certainly make for an interesting read – especially if your business has a local focus.

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