Meet The Social Squad keeping you bang up to date on #attamadness!

They say you should never leave the interns in charge of social media….and that’s just one of the golden rules we’ll be breaking on Monday!

Update: Follow all the #attamadness action live here, all powered by the team below

As you know, we’ve set ourselves the daunting challenge of using the extra day of 29th February to build a brand new business from scratch. So if that isn’t a high enough ante already, we thought we’d up it a little more by turning our social media accounts over to two talented students for the day.

These aren’t just any talented students though. No, this is Megan and Lily, who topped the class in Edinburgh University’s  new digital marketing module that our MD, Tim, co-developed. We’ve also just added a fellow classmate, Kym, to the crew swooping in last minute to lend an extra helping hand on Monday!

We’re calling them our Social Squad and they will be in charge of keeping you updated on the events of the business build as they unfold. They will be documenting the day via our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the Attacat Brain. But the ambition does not end there.

They will also be live broadcasting Q&As and updates via Periscope (Twitter) and Facebook Livestream!

Allow them to introduce themselves:

Lily Bridgwood

Attacat Headshot

Hey, I’m Lily. Currently, I’m in my final year at Edinburgh University studying International Business.

Having met Tim last semester whilst undertaking the Digital Marketing course I feel privileged to have been asked to get involved with this exciting (and somewhat mysterious) task of #attamadness on Monday, and can’t wait to keep you all up-to-date!

As a keen jet-setter (sorry Mum) I spent the last year studying in Barcelona, and was lucky enough to get the opportunity to travel to Shanghai, China over the summer to experience working life on the other side of the pond! This passion for travel has led to my desire to spend a year out working/travelling my way across the world before deciding upon my future career path (No, I will not be seeking to ‘find myself on my Gap Yaaah!).

Coupled with my passion for marketing and travel I enjoy shopping, running, playing hockey and keeping Starbucks in business!


Megan CoombesMegan Coombes - Edinburgh Uni

Hi, my name is Megan. I am in my final year of studying International Business at Edinburgh University. Last year, I was experiencing life on the other side of the pond in Austin,Texas as part of my year abroad. I’m looking forward to being part of the Social Squad for the #attamadness on Monday and updating y’all throughout the day!

We first met Tim during our Digital Marketing class. Although I knew marketing was the career path for me, the class opened my eyes to the opportunities of digital. I hope to continue learning about the wonders of digital marketing and to make my mark within the industry.
Beside marketing, I have a love for naps, netball and putting the milk in first when making tea (oh no!).

*For the record, we did not realise that Megan demonstrated this kind of tea-blasphemy previous to us offering her the chance to participate in this project. #attamadness, indeed. 

Kym Paterson12772900_10209435186183023_1790554765_o (1)

Hey, I’m Kym! I’m currently in my final year of studying Business Management at Edinburgh uni, and very soon to be facing the ‘real world’ (ahhh!) I’m very much looking forward to joining the Social Squad and keeping you all up-to-date with #attamadness on Monday!

During our digital marketing class last semester we had the opportunity to meet Tim. This class really opened my eyes to the exciting world of Digital Marketing and I hope to keep learning and challenging myself in this dynamic field.

Alongside my passion for marketing, you will find me shopping, rock-climbing and often jet-setting across Europe for the weekend when I have the chance.




Update: Follow all the #attamadness action live here.

Please make them feel welcome on Monday!

Stay tuned for all updates as they unfold! We’ll be releasing more clues as the week goes on leading up to the BIG REVEAL Monday the 29th at 9AM!  Here’s a quick recap of where we are so far:

It’s been 3 days since the announcement of our #attamadness Extra Day 2016 and the Attacat office is still totally clueless as to what business we’ll be building come Monday! Tim has been keeping mum and leaving us all speculating as to what the big reveal will be, especially now that we’ve had our first two clues – “Meerkat” and “Blown”. Is it a compare the market-esque business? A Lion King lovers support group (Hakuna Matata)? Your guess is as good as ours, and we appreciate hearing them, so follow along on Facebook and Twitter (or comment below) and let us know your thoughts!

Clue #1: Meerkat
Clue #2: Blown

While we don’t know much about what will be going down on Monday, we do know that it promises to be complete and #attamadness!



*We’d also like to send a special thanks out to Gordon White from fatBuzz Agency in Glasgow for giving us some great advice and inspiring the idea of doing something different with our Leap Day 2016! Again, make sure you check out what they’re doing for their #fatbuzz29.

Update: Follow all the #attamadness action live here.

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  1. Attacat Tim says:

    Welcome Lily and Megan. Really pleased to have you on board and looking forward to all the ideas coming out over the next day or two. Tim

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