There’s a blog post thief about: bring out your memes!

UPDATE: They have now taken down the offending page. We have a screenshot of it in its updated Attacat form below 😉 Page Freeze version here

It appears they have removed the entire blog category: “Digital Marketing | Data Science | Optimisation” which is where the posts were.

UPDATE: An apology has been received from Cube3’s head of digital marketing Chris in the comments below.  We have also received a personal apology by phone which we have accepted.

UPDATE: The culprit appears to be a (relatively experienced) former employee who now works at a larger agency. We have informed the individual in case he wishes to respond.


So we found a company in Manchester that has reproduced at least 2 of our blog posts without any credit.  Amusingly they didn’t even bother hosting the images themselves – they’re still ripping them off our servers.

This level of stupidy is not unusual and we would normally let them get away with it.  However this is a large digital agency with clients like ASDA, Cash Generator and No1 Currency.  In short they should know better!

That’s why we couldn’t resist a little fun & updated all the images in the blog post on their site…


We want to know which one you find the most amusing! Please add your thoughts in the comments below as to which one you think is the best/most amusing etc

The Attacat winner gets to light the burning bag of dog shite we’ll be leaving on their doorstep next week.

Even better – have you got any good suggestions of your own?! Upload them onto our Facebook page 😉

The post itself

The post was stolen by a Manchester agency – we’ll try to keep it under the radar for a little bit so they are called c-u-b-e 3 (without the dashes).

The blog post is sitting here:

And here’s the original for comparison 😉

Post Screenshot


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41 thoughts on “There’s a blog post thief about: bring out your memes!”

  1. Lorna Pellet says:

    Ben, that is so funny. Let me know if they respond to your blog.

  2. Well done on catching these cheeky posters/poachers. Please give us a follow up if and when they twig. Send them an invoice!

    Edinburgh 1 v Manchester 0

  3. Ewan says:

    Haha! I came across this shower last year when I performed an audit for a site they made for an Edinburgh-based business. The homepage was riddled (and I mean riddled) with hidden links and hidden text. They’re brazen; I’ll give them that.

    Personally, I like the “I told my boss…” version of the options above.

  4. Annie Flint says:

    Be interesting to see how long it takes them to spot the changes! Let us know. But I like the images that mention you as the blog originators

  5. Martin says:

    Love it! I liked the “I wryt this post” one which you should add in above for all to enjoy 🙂

  6. Kieran says:

    I work for Cube3, but this isn’t an official statement. Just a little note, this was by an ex employee [Name removed] and we weren’t aware of it, he was only with us for a month and a half. This is rather embarrassing…

  7. BIll says:

    They’ve passworded the post!

  8. Attacat Tim says:

    They’ve taken it down now

  9. Ha! Just went to the c3 link and they’ve now password protected the post to prevent anyone from seeing it and in an attempt to protect their reputation.

  10. Attacat Ben says:

    @ Kieran – sorry missed that one off! added into the post now 😉

  11. Hi guys,

    I just wanted to take a few minutes to express our apologies again. Having just got off the phone with Ben and having explained the situation (incl the parties involved) I can assure you we’ll be making a public reply over on our blog.

    Without going into much more detail, the individual responsible for the post(s), is no longer with Cube3 and was with us only for a short period of time (as you may be able to gather from the time period of his posts). Thats no excuse, but hopefully it should illustrate this is not our normal practice by any means.

    For the record, at the moment, the individual posts are still up there – we’re not trying to hide anything, just perform a little damage limitation whilst we get this in hand. If you’d prefer us to take them down or credit the posts – please let me know and we’ll be happy to assist.

    Hopefully that helps go some way to explaining how this situation has come about.



  12. Kelly Forbes says:

    Are they sending cake? I would send cake.

  13. Joel says:

    Very entertaining and totally justified. Great work!

  14. Annie Flint says:

    Maybe they could decorate the cake with little red faced people? (We would give them a discount on our team building activity that teaches peeps how to do team portraits in sugar icing.)

  15. Attacat Tim says:

    Hi Chris

    We appreciate you getting in touch and fully accept your apology. Dealing with a dishonest employee is something we all hope to never have to experience.

    Certainly we would appreciate the posts being credited and linked back to the original on our site.

    For reference I can’t access the post at the moment. Just getting some html.

  16. Just so you know…this was not the only blog post they stole from you…or elsewhere. Or perhaps I should say, not the only blog post the former employee of Cube3 stole from you. There are more…

  17. Attacat Joel says:

    Haha, you know us too well MacFack!

  18. Ali Syme says:

    I think cake would make everything better. A vote for cake is a vote for reconciliation.

  19. Attacat Tim says:

    @ Ben Greenwood – we were aware of at least one other but thank you. Fortunately they will sort it for us

    @Ali @Mackack Yes we are easily won over. That and links 🙂

  20. Tom Duffin says:

    very cool response – love it

  21. Gemma says:

    Our response:

    Again, apologies…this is not representative of ‘us’ as a company but one person who was swiftly ‘de-Cubed’ from our team.

  22. If the ‘EX -Employee’ could learn anything at all from his venture.. it should be this..”It’s hard to steal somebody’s shoes while they are wearing them and not have them notice”.. COCK!

  23. Ben Williams says:

    Seen the apology and the revised blog post on cube3’s site. Hats off for taking it on the chin and the rapid apology.

    I still think it would be a lot better if the blog was reinstated in full – including the switched iamges – with a cautionary header appended as to the perils of hotlinking to images hosted elsewhere!

    For what it’s worth, I also think tha Attacat were very measured and proportionate in how they treated this incident. I can think of many and varied worse images that could have been used instead of the rather amusing ones that they used :o)

  24. Attacat Tim says:

    @Ben There is no point in taking these things too seriously but sometimes temptation gets the better of us!

    I think there are quite a few unanswered questions and certainly we would be interested in hearing from Simon Jarrett Williams (the ex employee who has now moved onto a larger agency).

  25. James says:

    I’m just gonna leave this here…!/simon_jarrett

  26. Andy says:

    I like the bit on his twitter where he says his views are his own! The guy’s LinkedIn does say he’s a “Google Advanced Search Qualified Prifessional”, guess that’s true! Shame he doesn’t know much about hit linking images!

  27. Attacat Tim says:

    I’ve have tweeted him as it is only fair he is given the chance to respond should he wish to.

  28. Ewan says:

    This was *my* favourite bit of his LI profile:

    “I would consider myself to be ruthless and a stickler for best practice search implementation…nothing excites me more than good work.”

    Whose good work?

  29. Looks like no longer exists… perhaps he’s closed it?

    Perhaps this page may start to rank for his name on Google though…

  30. Now that’s funny.

  31. Attacat Tim says:

    @ Mr Burnett

    That certainly seems a very naive move, especially for someone who, on paper, has a pretty good pedigree in online marketing.

    He must realise that it would not be difficult for someone to get this in front of his employers (or indeed make it rank as you suggest).

    It seems his strategy is one of hoping that somebody doesn’t decide to go out of their way to highlight it more than we have done.

    There is no doubt that this could destroy his career and if this was the legal or medical profession it likely would.

    It does raise the question as to whether we as a profession should or should not turn a blind eye.

    There is a difference though between having a laugh at the expense of a company and wrecking an individual’s career. Perhaps though we should have thought about that before we started down this road.

    In my mind his best chance is to own up and stay squeaky clean going forward. Certainly removing his Twitter account will not help his cause.

  32. Chris B says:

    Hmmm, not a great situation to find yourself in! For what it’s worth, I’ve worked closely with Chris and the rest of the guys at Cube on a range of projects, this doesn’t sound like something they would do, so the whole ex employee sounds a plausible reason – im sure they are more pissed than you are!!!!

  33. Tommy says:

    Dang, I was not expecting that from Cube3! One of the biggest and best in Bolton before they moved into the Manchester.

    Pretty awesome that they offered an apology anyway.

    lol, though.

  34. Attacat Tim says:

    The most likely situation from what I’ve seen is that Cube3 have been the victim of what could be described as a “Rogue employee”. Obviously this is an opinion formed without knowing the parties.

  35. Karl Barker says:

    I would like to draw your attention to this. This will prove that SIMON JARRETT WILLIAMS’ plagiarising goes beyond you guys. (see links and compare VERBATIM!)

    Dr Pete will i am sure be interested to know his stuff is being ripped off too.

    SIMON JARRETT WILLIAMS was employed by us for just 6 weeks in early 2011. All our employment contracts stipulate clearly that plagiarism will not be tolerated in any way and will result in instant dismissal and possible further action.

    Words in contracts though will not stop an individual like SIMON JARRETT WILLIAMS from stupidly trying to get away with this stuff.

    People might say that we should have been more vigilant with a new employee, and in hindsight, maybe. But, we are a close knit team here, and until now have had no reason be threatened in anyway by this type of behaviour. If we have to resort to this way of working, we may have to consider nailing down our Macs to the desks, just incase an employee steals one of them.

    Can anybody say that they have a foolproof way of stopping this happening to their company?

    Basically he knew what he was doing, he knew it was wrong and thought that he would get away with it!

    It upsets us all greatly that the reputation of Cube3 has been brought into question by the actions of one individual.

    I do hope any more content created about this matter is directed at SIMON JARRETT WILLIAMS himself.. you will find him working at CARAT Manchester. Although It would appear he has deleted all his social network accounts!

  36. Attacat Ben says:

    Thanks for the comment Karl, I had noticed this SEOMoz article too!

    Just to be clear it was and still is not our intention to try and damage the reputation of your agency – I hope this is all taken with the humour intended 😉

    What struck me as strange about the main article was that it is clearly quite an in-depth look at a conversion rate optimisation topic that I know only certain people have the experience to write (certainly in this much depth). We always have others proof check blog posts before they go out & both myself and my co-director read all posts (sometimes after they are published but we’re busy people!). 

    We’re a close knit team too & I think I’d know if someone was writing posts that didn’t match their experience or writing style. That being said we can all miss things and our system is still not foolproof!

    Perhaps a copy scape type system would protect you both ways – if your content is being stolen or was stolen in the first place?

    Anyway, thanks for getting involved and I want to say again that this was in no way an attack on Cube3, we chose humour as the medium to highlight this…


  37. Looks like you did the right thing by referencing the images in your blog using the FQDN, which caught them out. I have been through this only once and the DMCA process worked just fine. The chap wrote to me to say he was just “testing” (he is an SEO in Austria) and there was no need to have put him through the DMCA process. Great outcome.

  38. […] if your content is appearing elsewhere too) and in the same week a certain Manchester agency was pulled up by another agency for blatantly ripping off their blog posts. We don’t want to get into the middle of that […]

  39. Tessa Huntley says:

    Well done guys, you are clearly well ahead of the game!

  40. Jeff says:

    looks like the rip off bull$hitter has re appeared on twitter!! @s1mon_sayz

  41. Well done Ben

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