Tweelinks: Free tool that embodies how great the Internet is

If this doesn’t show the unbelievable amazingness of the Internet and the people using it I don’t know what does. It also talks about an awesome outreach and PR tool / tactic as a byproduct (which is nice).[symple_spacing size=”40px”]

Twitter outreach analysis for free

Last week I came across a blog post that mentioned a giveaway: some chap at FindMyBlogWay was giving away a membership to a keyword tool. I entered, signing up to his email list in the process.

Jump forward to today and I get the first email from them, talking about a blog post called ‘How I automated a process by chatting on Reddit‘. As a process-driven, Reddit-reading fan of online tools, he can class his headline as ‘Win’ for me:

  • Automated: Check
  • Processes: Now you’re talking
  • Reddit: Yes please

In it he explains how a very cool chap from offered on Reddit to build a simple SEO tool for anybody who asked, totally for free. If that’s not cool enough, the tool that resulted automated the very process I had spend hours on the week before.[symple_spacing size=”40px”]

What it does

  1. Tweelinks analyses any twitter profile you enter
  2. Scrapes and unshortens any URLs they’ve shared within their tweets
  3. Shows the share frequency of each domain both in a table and in a colourful piechart.





So, it lets you see what types of site a potential influencer or outreach target shares via their Twitter, and thus the types of sites you might want to be featured on (that’s a starter hint).[symple_spacing size=”40px”]

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Holy fricking crap that’s great
[/symple_box]@Attacat_Joel says:

Unfortunately there isn’t an option to export the data – add that @dinwal and I’ll send you a cake or something. Or at the very least an Attacat mug.



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One thought on “Tweelinks: Free tool that embodies how great the Internet is”

  1. Alex says:

    Thanks for sharing. It will definitely help me find some targeted websites for clients in specific industries.

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