Twitter Ads For SMBs: Take Flight With These Great Tips


In the wake of Twitter’s IPO earlier this month, Twitter has finally launched their self service tool for smaller advertisers. Up until now, most advertisers had been asked to commit in the region of £15k just to run a test on the social network’s ad platform – now they can do it with change from a fiver. So here’s a quick guide on what you can do, why you should do it and how to get started.


Types of Ads

Twitter gives advertisers two options and they’re both quite different in terms of purpose and how you’re charged:

Promote your Tweets

Got something exciting to share? Maybe it’s a link to a really interesting new blog post, an upcoming event or just a crazy event happening in real time. If your current follower base isn’t big enough, or you want to make sure your tweet is visible for longer, then promoting your tweet is for you.


Promote your account

A lot simpler to promoting your tweets, promoting your account allows advertisers to be recommended in the Who to follow window. With this simplicity though comes competition, so it’s very important that the targeting options mentioned below are used to their fullest potential and you think long and hard about how you use them when promoting your account.




Both of the ad formats mentioned above can use the following targeting:

Keyword Targeting

By targeting specific keywords, your tweet can reach users searching for, tweeting about or engaging with these keywords. For example, maybe you’ve just met David Tennant at a Scottish charity event? Target Dr Who keywords to users in Scotland.

Interest and followers targeting

While keyword targeting is pretty standard, what’s really exciting is targeting similar followers. Twitter ads allows advertisers to target users similar to the followers of a particular username. Have a 50% off sale on Converse shoes in your Glasgow shop and want to get the word out? Target followers similar to those that follow @converse, who are in the Glasgow area. (Just a note here, the geo-targeting here is very basic, and you won’t get much beyond the biggest UK city areas – so at the moment Edinburgh hasn’t even made the cut :(.
Aside from targeting similar followers, you can also target users who have specific ‘interests’ but that’s nowhere near as fun as choosing other Twitter accounts to target. Advertisers could have a whole load of fun targeting their competitor’s (similar) followers!

Other targeting

On top of the location targeting mentioned above, you can also specify mobile operating systems, desktop vs mobile, and gender.


Top 5 tips for your Twitter Ads campaign

Remember that this is really an ad platform unlike any other (ok, maybe a little like Facebook’s…) and you can’t treat it like the rest.

Keep it useful – “Why are you telling me this?” is the question every user will ask when they read your promoted tweet. If you fail to be able to justify to them why your interrupting their feed, you become seen as a nuisance, hurting your brand in their eyes.

Keep it personal – Just because you’re turning your tweet into an ad, doesn’t mean it needs to be reworded with sales copy.

Keep it in real-time – To amend the question above – “Why are you telling me this now?” Is it valuable to the user for them to know this now? Chose your promoted tweets wisely.

Keep it relevant – All auction based pay per click ad platforms follow the same basic pay structure where the more relevant you are to your target audience, the likely less you’ll end up paying.

Test – Sorry, I know the last tip on every PPC list is “test, test, test!” but it’s really, really relevant here! These targeting options are brand new for most people and by finding your sweet spot early on before your competitors will pay dividends in the short and long term.


Give it a go!

Why not login yourself with your Twitter handle via this link below and give it a bash! Or if you’d prefer to get Attacat on the case from the start drop us a line and we’d be happy to help you get the most out of these new opportunities on Twitter.



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