Twitter roundup: July 2012


Improved search functionality

twitter searchWhile not quite as interesting as Facebook’s rumoured search involvement, Twitter has upgraded their in-site search functionality. Twitter search was pretty shoddy before, so the improvements are certainly welcome. Most noteable are improved autocomplete and ‘similar searches’, and the ability to filter searches to tweets/messages from followers. The most likely immediate impact is Twitter search’s improved performance for breaking news and trending terms, and a likely increased importance of keywords within tweets – your contributions may show up more often now for related keyword searches.

The improved search is being rolled out progressively to mobile and tablet Twitter apps too, along with the somewhat controversial expanded tweets (see June’s social media roundup). Personally I still use Hootsuite mobile so it doesn’t mean jot to me.


Advert targeting – now better

Twitter are working with selected partners (always with the selected partners…) to test improved targeting with promoted tweets. The new targeting options will provide the ability to target specific audiences, locations or devices instead of all followers, so you could target Edinburgh-based desktop tweeters at one time, Paris-based mobile users at another. It will certainly make it a more viable ad platform for smaller advertisers, and we look forward to seeing it successfully roll out to everybody!


Graphs, followers and other shizzle

I quite like a ‘tools roundup’ post – firstly because I love finding new tools, and secondly because it saves me having to write one. Here’s a Twitter tools roundup that includes number of familiar ones plus a couple you might not have used so much.


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