Using Google Suggest for Keyword Lists

Google announced last week that they have improved the Google Suggest interface and have rolled it out to 170 of its domains on 50 different languages.

Not only is this useful for searchers, but also for us search marketers. I often use Google Suggest when building keyword lists as well as the various keyword tools out there, as I like to get a realistic view of what users will see once they start typing my keywords into the search box.

For example, let’s say you have a website that sells tailored wooden tables and you have ‘wooden table’ as a keyword – by typing this into Google, the suggest feature shows the following results:

From these suggestions, I would probably want to add ‘wooden tables’ ‘wooden table designs’ and possibly ‘wooden table legs’ ‘wooden table legs’ and ‘wooden table bases’ to my keywords.

However, where you will find more value from this method is to take the non-relevant phrases (such as ‘lamps’ ‘chairs’ and ‘kids’) from these suggestions and add them to your negative keyword list.

With the given suggestions being so easy for the user to select, you will reduce the number of unnecessary impressions you receive by adding these negative keywords, and in turn should improve your click-through-rates.

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