Video Landing Pages: The impact of using video

I’m definitely not the first to write about the impact of using video on your landing page, and I won’t be the last. However I’m hoping that you can find something of interest from my experiences and at worst pass some time…I’ve set the bar too high haven’t I?

I know that I’m preaching to the choir when I say that video is powerful, but for those not in congregation here’s an interesting result – in a recent A/B split test for an Attacat Ecommerce client we noted a 279% improvement in conversion rate from a video enabled landing page.

Now I can’t promise you that 279% increase from simply adding a video to your site, there’s a little more involved but that’s what I want to write about….what makes a good video?

Scripts and timing

With less than 60 seconds on the clock video is not suited for long winded stories. It’s all about captivating the audiences and providing a solution in less than a single minute.

Neil Patel wrote a fantastic post about explainer video content that converts. What I found especially interesting was the subject of voice overs, and how often they can be a major source of frustration for specific audiences.  For example,  I’ve got nothing against Californians (I work with one…yup I’m one of those people) but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to respond well to a Cali accent selling me products in the UK…hello Travis.

In all seriousness it’s not too hard to create geographically specific content on your site based on browser language setting.  Have a wander over to your Analytics audience reporting and you could see some interesting conversion rate uplifts from simply replacing a Yank with a Jock (Scot).

Quality & auto-play

No one likes poor quality, it’s not big and it’s not clever.  Neil mentioned in his post that the script should be your primary concern, and I agree, but that doesn’t give you a license to  generate dodgy content…. word. A decent Smartphone, around £100 of lighting equipment and a Wistia (professional video hosting) account will provide you with enough resources to get producing some good quality content!

Many advertisers get excited about grabbing attention with video and use auto-play.  I get the mindset, but I just don’t agree with it (sorry).  I often feel that when we push auto-play we’re missing something important here…auto-play pulls visitors out of their comfort zone .  Often advertisers will gloat about higher conversion rates because of auto-play but what about the returning user experience or overall brand implications.

Let’s be clear, video can be fantastic but it’s not the skeleton key to your conversion rate. Each persona will navigate the page differently, so for those that would find video appealing…let them click play and the others will navigate the page as they want.

Jerry Springers’ final thoughts:

Hopefully there’s been some food for thought, but if there’s only one thing to take away it’s that everything mentioned in this post should be tested…it may seem like the coward’s way out to avoid criticism but there’s always an exception to every rule and I know that all too well. As much as I hate auto-play, testing may just show that it works for your market, product or website and I’ll happily grit my teeth if it positively impacts your user’s experience!

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