Web Analytics & Conversion Rate Optimisation Roundup – July 2011

I really tried to avoid writing about Google + last month just because my Google reader, Twitter and email was already full of all the related news, comparison graphs and 10 reasons why G+ is cool/sucks, better than FB/will destroy FB/etc.

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This month, on the other hand, I should at least mention the Social Plugin Analytics and that everybody can quite easily track both +1s and tweets in Google Analytics.


Following on the Analytics topic, have a look at the new brilliant post from Occam’s Razor on Basic Email Marketing Metrics. Some really great advice on non-email metrics in order to measure the entire journey from mail to the website.

For the more tech-oriented analysts I have a wonderful GA modification cheat sheet from Cardinal Path.

And finalising  all the new features implemented in Google Analytics v5, enjoy the summary overview from Lunametrics.

Even though I usually avoid mobile marketing resources I think this one is the must read for any web marketer or entrepreneur considering optimising the website for mobile use. For those who can’t be bothered reading, in summary: If it cannot be done with the thumb, it cannot be done.


Slowly moving to CRO, here are 3 MUST DO steps before redesigning your homepage by groktdotcom.

The next resource is perhaps the most underseen subject of website optimisation – site search. If you are interested in eliminating the scary old “No results found” from your site search result page read this post from Get Elastic.

Continuing with another post from Get Elastic, which I consider to be the best ecommerce blog, is the ‘quite obvious but still million times forgotten’ 9 ways to build trust in checkout.

Finally, as it already became a tradition to include an infographic at the end of my posts: How big is the ecommerce industry infographic from Get Elastic, followed by their eCommics as well.

And to finish

If you have some insightful web analytics resources or an event that  I accidently skipped please feel free to post it in the comments and I will add it to the post afterwards (a proper attribution and link is guaranteed!)

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