Web Analytics & Conversion Rate Optimisation June Roundup

Web AnalyticsSpin for me

Not a lot of things happened in the #measure world in June so we can skip the news and move to the resources/goodies to read:

The always brilliant Avinash covered a not very commonly seen topic of career in WA. Really interesting read even for those who are far away from the WA world.

Followed by the leaders of GA problem solving are the guys from Lunametrics on using more than one include filters. That’s exactly why I read every single post from lunametrics – always current, always straight to the point.

Last time I mentioned the Justin Cutroni’s guide on custom variables so it would be a deadly mistake to avoid mentioning another amazing read from Justin about the CV for E-commerce

And to finish with GA, check out the making of GA v5. Just a fun to watch, nothing really useful there. If you adore the process/how we made it videos about movies or shows, you should like this as well.

Social Analytics

Really great guest post at the Asia Pacific Google Conversion blog on social media analytics. Even though it covers just basics of url tagging and segmentation but you would be surprised how many even really big players can’t normally follow this simple guidance.

Continuing with the Social Analytics its definitely worth checking out another wonderful post about monetising social interactions by Cardinal Path. Perhaps before you might need to find out how to track those interactions and I would  recommend the least tech oriented guide I’ve seen by  Webshare (now Cardinal Path as well.)


Not sure if this is a massive news for all of you but for me it’s the best thing happened not just last month but at least last half of the year –  Visual Website Optimiser finally updated the interface. No more scrolling = no more swearing. I think every tool focused on enriching user experience or directly increasing conversion rate MUST have intuitive and user friendly interface (*Judgementally stares at KissInsights*) For those who work with VWO it might be good to know that guys from Wingify have added a Magento extension as well.

Continuing with the testing, another must read for any web marketer – How testing culture can help you to dominate your industry by Brian Massey. That’s perhaps the almost the same way we are trying to prove the need of having testing culture in your organisation to all our clients, friends or partners.

Finishing with CRO I will let you enjoy the 3 Magic step formula or the Conversion Trinity by Bryan Eisenberg. A very simple and direct explanation of 3 basic principles of CRO with some really good examples you can adapt to your case.

For all those who can’t be bothered reading here’s How we use the Mobile Web infographic from my long time favourite Get Elastic Blog

And to finish

If you have some insightful web analytics resources or an event that  I accidently skipped, please feel free to post it in the comments and I will add it to the post afterwards ( a proper attribution and link is guaranteed!)

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