Conversion Rate Optimisation Roundup –November 2011

Google Analytics team continues to work realy hard so they can deliver us all these wonderful updates on almost a daily basis.


It’s been quite a while since the new interface and we finally got our email scheduler and PDF export back. That was the only reason so many analysts were still using old interface. Not anymore, here are the full details

Mobile ad performance

With the massive growth of mobile browsing it was quite expectable to see more enhanced reporting on mobile ad performance. And here it is. As you can see from the post, we will be getting a new set of segments like “High-end Mobile” and “Tablet”.

Keyword Not Provided

Honestly, I am quite tired of seeing rage posts all over the blogosphere sometimes even demanding to get the keywords reporting back. I don’t think that would anyhow help. What I do like is reasonable research proving to the Google team that maybe it wasn’t such a great idea. And always to the point Lunametrics guys have already done it. They have conducted a basic audit of 117 sites with more that 13.5k organic visits. Head over to their blog to see the results. Spoiler: The average % of not provided keywords is 9.13% so Matt Cutts’ estimation about the one digit change still stands.

Furthermore to this topic, here is a really great read highlighting that not provided actually hurts the entire user experience rather than just SEOs. As far as I remember, Google was always about user experience (even though if they really meant increase the usage of adwords) so how do they expect web businesses improve that experience for their visitors if they don’t even know their needs or wants? Keywords are not just for the ranking obsessed SEOs. Keyword report is one of the most valueable data sets for understanding what exactly your visitors need and mostly important how can you deliver that. Now in at least 9.13% it’s all just guessing.

Web Analytics TV

Just so i don’t need to finish web analytics review on the rage thought, here is a new episode of WATV with already famous Nick & Nash.







Holy Cow!!1

Finally, the second instalment of what will hopefully become a permanent feature  – Holly Cow!!1. This time I would like to share the case study from the GetResponce using our certified partner VWO. Go to their blog to see how a free trial button increased signups by 158%


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