Webinar: Facebook for Business

The video for the September Attacat webinar is now online. If you missed it you can catch up with the tips and advice given Tim and Gordon White of fatBuzz for using Facebook for business. As promised we have answered some the questions that we didn’t have time for during the broadcast. Thanks to all those who took part!

We hope that this was informative and useful, the feedback we have received so far certainly suggests that it is!

next webinar – advanced email marketing

October 19th will see @attacat_kiril and myself shine a spotlight on email marketing and we will be sharing some of the tactics that we use at Attacat.

We are going to be making this webinar quite interactive and to encourage some willing participants we will be offering a free audit and review of your current email marking campaign.

Spaces for this webinar are limited so reserve your space by signing up on our webinars page. Confirmations will be sent out in early October.

webinar sign up

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