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Attacat have now taken the first steps into the world of webinars with their first broadcast that took place today on the subject of landing page optimisation (LPO just in case you were short of TLAs). If you missed it you can now watch the full LPO webinar here.

Many thanks to all who attended, there were certainly a lot more than we had anticipated!

After getting to grips with the software and a couple of technical wobbles at the beginning we are pleased to say that what followed was a very worth while and constructive hour of optimisation chat. Attacat Kiril was on top form taking us through his top tips when considering content and layout for your landing pages.


Landing page webinar by Attacat Internet Marketing
Tim Barlow demonstrates the litle known 'Reindeer' optimisation maneuver

After an appeal for some guinea pigs we were then treated to several live optimisation sessions on websites of the assembled attendees. This was a great opportunity for some expert feedback and we must give a huge thank you to those site owners who were brave enough to put themselves forward – hopefully they managed to take away something useful that can be implemented on their sites. At the very least  we were all given plenty to think about.

Future Webinars

We intend these to be monthly events and would urge you to sign up and secure your place for the next one on our Webinars page. We would very much like to hear your suggestions for future webinar topics in the comments below. If there is something about internet marketing you think we could cover then just let us know

“The ever changing face of SEO”

Presented by Tim Barlow, this basic-level SEO webinar will be taking place on Wednesday 13th July at 1:00pm and is sure to be valuable to marketing professionals, businesses and entrepreneurs alike.

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