Website Speed: WordPress on a Dedicated Server

Website page loading times have been rumoured to becoming part of the Google Algorithm for a while now & Google Webmaster Tools provided the biggest hint by adding a website speed tester to their Labs section. Google recommends a page load time below about 1.5 seconds as being in their ‘good’ range.

0 to 120 in 4 seconds

WordPress on a Dedicated Server

We recently implemented a site onto the WordPress CMS engine – both very usable & flexible for many different website types. This site provides all of the functionality we require while also allowing different people to add content as required. Along with the myriad of plug-ins available we also created a couple of new ones to provide the additional functionality we need.

To ensure the website load speeds were as fast as possible & to cope with capacity the site was deployed on a dedicated server.

Webmaster Tools “Site Performance”

Within a day of the new implementation of the site (late July) we saw the results from Webmaster Tools. The website, according to Google, now loads “faster than 94% of sites” – a combination of the efficiency of WordPress & the build of the website from the development team.

The results speak for themselves:

Website Speed & SEO

We hope to see some positive impacts on the rankings and traffic for this client over the coming months. As we are in the process of a very intensive search engine optimisation plan it will be difficult to directly attribute website loading times to improved rankings but it is still best practice both for users & the search engines. Remember: what is good for your users is also normally good for the search engines – faster load times will certainly lead to a better all round user experience.

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One thought on “Website Speed: WordPress on a Dedicated Server”

  1. Tim Barlow says:

    Oh Benjamin…Just becuase you finally got 1% more than me in a Google Exam, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read my Attacat Brain posts:…Good post though. Will be interesting to see the change over coming months. Given the variations, it could go up (or hopefully down) considerably, judging by the past variations.Attacat Tim

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