Why designers and marketers need to collaborate in 2016

The practical job of a designer and a marketer may be different but at the end of the day they both have the same goal.

Recently I listened to a webinar from InVision, a great collaborative prototyping and design review tool we use all the time. In the webinar they sit down with Vice President of Marketing at Crayon, Dan Slagen, to discuss the topic: ‘The importance of design and marketing collaboration’. You can check out the slides from the webinar below, but we have also summarised the main points below the slides.

The importance of design and marketing collaboration with Dan Slagen of Crayon from InVision App

 Who would have thought it, designers need marketers and marketers need designers in order for a business to achieve success. Slagen makes this statement:

design marketing

He is so right, one without the other means that the whole experience is broken. Designers and marketers are consistently working towards the same goals and final outcomes, however we often look at them from different perspectives and use different tools to get there.

 So the question is, how can we work together to fix this disconnect? Slagen shares 3 ways in which he thinks this can be done.

1. Focus on performance

A lot of the time communication is the main reason why teams can’t seem to get on the same page. Dan believes that if both teams focus on performance and have the same performance goals they will be better aligned to solve problems together. So if it’s the marketers that are setting targets or goals, let the designers know what these are.

2. Show visual examples

design marketing 2

This statement holds a great deal of truth. Why as creatives and visual thinkers do we feel the need to explain things with words? Surely visual examples will help to align the marketers and designers thoughts more clearly. Try this with your next project and let us know how you get on?


3. Educate your team

A designer with marketing skills and vice versa will stand out from their competitors. It is good for teams to have a knowledge of both skills sets as

design marketing 3

Something that we do here at Attacat to help educate the team is hold 30 minute sessions where someone shares knowledge on a specific topic or idea. These could be as simple as discussing one particular issue or asking what peoples thoughts are on a new piece of industry news.

At the end of the day a design team and a marketing team that are united will achieve much greater success than disconnected teams would.

design marketing 4

Do you have a separate design and marketing team? How do you ensure they are working towards the same goals and objectives? Let us know in the comment section below.


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