Win Tickets: Two tickets up for grabs for Splash Cumbria this Thursday

I’m going to be doing a  talk on “The ever changing face of search engine optimisation” at the Splash conference in Cumbria on Thursday and have been given two tickets, worth £185 (or a mere £110 if you buy online before the event).

The ENERGUS Conference Centre

(The venue: Energus, Cumbria)

Would you like one?

I could just say, well e-mail me, but hang on, these are worth £100+, surely there’s got to be some mileage in that? So how about a retweet competition?

Yawn. It’s Monday morning, can’t be doing with that nonsense.

They’re yours in return for doing some testing!

So instead I’ll give them to the people who provide us with the most useful feedback on our two new tools between now and Tuesday night.

These free tools are designed for website owners.  Both are very rough around the edges at the moment and will inevitably evolve a good bit from where they are at the moment, but they can only do that with your feedback!

You can find them both in the Attacat Resources section but here’s the summary:

cookie audit logo

Cookie Audit Tool

Designed to help you understand what cookies your website is using to help you meet your legal obligations under the EU Cookie Directive – if you aren’t in anyway technical, this is the easiest one for you to test

Facebook iframe plugin logo

Facebook Page iFrame Plugin for WordPress

Want custom Facebook pages? Want to be able to update the content of those pages without having to go to a developer?  This tool allows you to do both. At the moment you need to be a developer or a proper geek to deploy this, bit we will work to make it easier to use. So if you are up for a challenge, please get testing for your chance to win!

My Talk

I have a challenge: my father-in-law is going to be in the audience!

So I am giving myself the challenge of explaining SEO to someone who instinctively knows that’s being in Google is a good thing but has no comprehension of ranking beyond that.

So the talk has to work for him but it’s a social media marketing conference and there will be some advanced marketers there so the talk needs to work on that level too with something new for everyone.

Quite a challenge. Still, at least it’s my father-in-law and not my dad. That really would be a challenge.

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