Winning Entrepreneurs: An Edinburgh organisation more than worthy of a shout out

Last week I talked about my increasing addiction to bleating away on podcasts.  It’s not just the audio format, however that is being damaged forever, but also, increasingly the video format that is experiencing the misfortune of my presence.

I’ve been a member of Winning Entrepreneurs since it’s inception.  It’s an Edinburgh based group bringing together a cohort of genuine Entrepreneurs (although clearly it lets it’s guard down every now and then).

Belinda, who runs it, asked me to give a video testimonial, which I was more than happy to do.  It’s a great organisation that has massively contributed to the growth of Attacat (and who am I to miss a SEO or Social Media  opportunity).

Social Media Commas

So late one night we got together for a recorded chat.  Here it is below (the first 4 mins or so are more about Attacat so feel free to skip ahead)

(The Edinburgh New Media Breakfast series that we often speak at is in part organised and promoted by Winning Entrepreneurs)

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