WordPress Roundup – December 2011

New Version of WordPress

WordPress 3.3 is scheduled to be released soon (Update: has now been released). Now is the time to be making preparations for upgrades:

Do you have a backup procedure? Make sure to take a backup of your database and site content before upgrading.

Will your plugins be compatible with the new version? 3.3 upgrades the bundled jQuery library which is used for on-page interactions and processing by many plugins. You can check your plugins are up to date in the Plugins menu in your administration panel. Check the WordPress plugin repository for further information on each plugin.

The new version is expected before the end of the year out now – so get in touch with your developer!

If you need any assistance with updating your WordPress please contact us for fixed price updates.

Mailchimp Releases Social v2

The popular commenting plugin Social from Mailchimp has been updated to version 2. The new version makes several improvements on the previous version including the ability to publish to Facebook pages and better comment formatting. Social tracks mentions and likes from across the social web – and aggregates them on your comment stream.

You can read about the improvements on the Mailchimp blog or grab the plugin from the WordPress repository.

WordPress Meetups

There are now regular WordPress meetups in both Glasgow and Edinburgh, with others planned for other cities across the country. You can find out more about these meetups at www.wpscotland.org/meetups/

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One thought on “WordPress Roundup – December 2011”

  1. Jamie McHale says:

    And right on cue: WordPress 3.3 is released. You can download it now from http://wordpress.org/ – and read about it at: http://wordpress.org/news/2011/12/sonny/

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