Yahoo & Bing Transition Dates?

As many of you are aware, Yahoo And Bing are in the midst of a full merger of their engines. So far, the algorithms are already being integrated while the PPC side has just started.

We’ have been receiving calls in regards to UK transition dates and therefore thought that we would update everyone with what we currently know. If you use Yahoo or Bing PPC to target the US, you should be able to start merging your accounts together now. You should see this page within your interface:

UK release dates

Nothing has been set in stone but we’re supposedly looking at the beginning of the second quarter, 2011 for the UK transition.  Be assured that both Yahoo and Bing will both be screaming about it nearer to the time so we’re all bound to find out!

Should I be worried?

No, the transition should be fairly painless! Yahoo has set up a transition centre which provides you with everything you need to know about the merging of accounts. It is  US centric, but will hopefully provide you with a good source of information.

If you have a managed PPC account your account manager will do the legwork for you, so please relax and think about something else…like summer (it’s just round the corner too!).

If you self-manage your PPC then we suggest you keep up to date with the Yahoo transition centre. Furthermore, Search Engine land has a great article called surviving the impending Yahoo-Bing ad transition.

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