Yahoo! Search Marketing adding in Demographic Targeting

Hardly an internationally recognized metric but the “Attacat Excitement about New Paid Search Feature Index” (compiled (ish) from the general buzz in the office when one of the main search engines adds new features) has become notable (in the office anyway) for the very low score of any release on Yahoo! Search Marketing.

Normally any feature that allows greater targeting on search causes fever pitch excitement and calls for at least a cup of tea to discuss (we’re exciting types honest). If that targeting happens to be demographic targeting then it would be even worse.

But when we heard news of Yahoo! launching demographic targeting it hardly registered (partly because the features are not yet available in the UK). Perhaps we just dont expect it to be as good as it says on the tin, despite Yahoo! Having an excellent understanding of visitors to its network.

We are hoping though that this will accelerate Google towards this approach. The ability to target specific age demographics on searches (e.g. the “cashmere jumper” example I usually use) remains as high on our wish list as it has done for years. Microsoft offer it, Yahoo are now doing it but until Google do it (and are able to offer it for a significant portion of their user base) it remains little but hype.

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