Yahoo! Search Marketing Trialing Mobile Adverts

Reported by E-Consultancy

“Yahoo! has started a beta trial of paid-for search results on its mobile internet service in the UK and US.”

Google are also moving into this market. Although poorly utilised at the moment, mobile search, is something we are excited about going forward. The future’s bright, the future’s:

  • Mobile combining with local – especially in the entertainment industry (think yourself stuck in the rain, in need of a good restaurant – mobile search “restaurant reviews”, find your eatery, then search for “taxi”.)
  • Mobile combining with product comparisom (found the hifi you want to buy in a shop? Check out prices through mobile search);
  • The end of the pub quiz.

Mobile search is already here in terms of technology and mobile PPC is likely to work just as well. The biggest problem, as I see it, is the limited amount of sites that are genuinely usable through mobile technology. Which reminds me, ours needs a lot of work in this regard.

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