Flying Scot Parking Glasgow

Rise in Easter sales

  • Increased sales by 116% YOY during the Easter break
  • Increased total PPC sales during the first two months by 37%

Who are Flying Scot Parking Glasgow?

Flying Scot Parking Glasgow runs an airport parking service adjacent to Glasgow Airport.

The challenge

Flying Scot Parking Glasgow came to Attacat for help in driving more sales through their Google AdWords account, in particular during the busy period of the Easter holidays. With barely a month to go before half the country jumped on a plane to escape for a warmer Easter, Attacat went to work optimising and preparing the account for the sudden rush.

Our objectives were:

  • to optimise the account to drive cost-efficient sales
  • a year-on-year increase in sales during the Easter break.

The approach

Pay Per Click

  • Expanded the reach of the account and the number of potentially viable users through keyword research
  • Improved the tracking and implemented sophisticated filtering to prequalify the traffic before it was exposed to the ads
  • Set up a system for regularly testing and improving the ad copy, allowing new ad strategies to compete against each other until a winner is proven

The solution

  • Increased sales by 116% YOY during the Easter break
  • Increased total PPC sales during the first two months by 37%
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