Converting the Scottish diaspora into Lairds

14.5% revenue increase from conversion rate optimisation

  • A 14.5% increase in revenue per visitor
  • In-depth customer research in analysis with nearly 14,000 participants
  • Vital web page redesign and simplification
  • An improved customer experience

Who are Highland Titles?

Highland Titles is a leading Scottish gift company offering your own, personal, souvenir plot of land in Scotland, together with the right to style yourself a Laird, Lord or Lady of Glencoe. Along with this comes the added benefit of helping to restore and preserve a stunning piece of the Scottish countryside.

The challenge

The company approached us with the task of improving the conversion rate of their site and, in turn, increasing the revenue.

The approach

We began, as always, with a programme of in-depth research which sought to get to know Highland Titles’ customers and understand what motivates them. Our customer surveys, on-site surveys and user testing videos provided mountains of data to analyse and, from this, we found that Highland Titles has a very enthusiastic customer base – folk who care deeply about Scotland, conservation and their Scottish heritage. These values, coupled with the novel bonus of being addressed as a Lord or Lady make Highland Titles’ offering particularly attractive to its target audience.

So, what was getting in the way of a really great conversion rate? Our goal was to anticipate any questions or objections a potential buyer might have, then to reduce the possible reasons for loss of interest on the way to the check-out.

The test was devised with a focus on increasing the conversion rate of the ‘Buy your plot’ page, as this was found to be a vital decision-making stage in the user journey. While the page gave plenty of information on the different plots available, it also offered the opportunity for a user to become confused and, eventually, discouraged.



The problem with the original page – a vertical layout with the different plot sizes one above the other – was highlighted by our user testing. This indicated a possible user objection that, because the entire range of plot sizes could not be seen together, comparison on one screen was not possible.

In addition, the full details on what was included in each purchase were only visible by clicking and expanding the page further, making it hard work for the user to compare plots and see exactly what they were getting for their money. There were also two calls to action for each product – ‘Single Plot’ and ‘Joint Plot’ – with no clear explanation of the differences between them.

The solution

Our solution was to re-design the page to a format commonly seen with software sales. The advantages of this were:

  • the grid layout lets the user compare all the price points side-by-side in a clear, aesthetically pleasing way

  • the format allows and, perhaps, encourages the user to consider the extra features available with larger sized plots while easily weighing up their needs against the offering

  • a single call to action for each product reduces user confusion and distraction.

Over the testing period, the variation page returned an uplift of 14.5% in revenue per visitor at a statistical confidence level of 95.9%. As we said, Highland Titles is a very busy site so, with nearly 14,000 participants in our test over a significant period, we were very comfortable to mark this down this as a successful result.

The key to increasing Highland Titles’ conversion rate – making the user’s decision and journey as pain-free as possible by re-designing the current format and providing clear, persuasive information with the customer as the focus.

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