Understanding the quality of leads driven by Paid Search

Link revenue back to adspend - long after the honeymoon is over

  • 34% increase in honeymoon specific traffic
  • 67% uplift in honeymoon enquiries
  • 63% increase in family-focused holiday enquiries
  • Conversion rate increase of 144% on family focused-holidays

Who are Mahlatini?

Mahlatini is a luxury travel operator specialising in honeymoons, safari, and beach holidays in Africa, Arabia and the Indian Ocean. They provide tailor-made trips and itineraries and offer options for individual travellers, couples, families and groups.

The challenge

The challenge Mahlatini faced is one that many lead generation companies deal with – How to understand the quality of the leads generated by the pay per click activities and how to accurately link the revenue generated from these leads back to the ad spend.

The approach

The first thing we did was implement tracking templates and customer parameters alongside Mahlatini’s internal and phone tracking data to establish which campaigns and specific ad groups were providing the greatest value to the business. This step has helped shape our regular management activities for search campaigns and has proven a real return on investment figure from PPC for Mahlatini.

In some cases, the time between initial enquiry and sale can be up to several months. Therefore predictive metrics were created to allow campaigns to be adjusted faster. By using a combination of AdWords keyword data and scores from an assessment of the lead by Mahlatini’s customer service team, who assigned a revenue value (estimated budget) to each lead, we could optimise our campaigns on an ongoing basis. As the leads began to convert, these values are updated with actual revenue numbers. Allowing us to provide a more accurate reflection of the true return on investment paid search is providing.

The solution

We could have very easily chosen to simply drive leads for Mahlatini and let them sort out the quality but the returns achieved would not have been worth that same as what we drive now. By taking the time to learn more about the business, understand the type of leads that lead to higher profitability and using Mahlatini internal data we’ve been able to link the revenue created back to the original ad spend. The way we approached this was using Google tracking templates and custom URL parameters.

Data about each campaign and ad group was attached to each final URL. This was then included in the data passed on by the enquiry form completion. We could then match up this data with Mahlatini’s lead scoring system to establish where the highest quality leads were coming from once they had been through post enquiry process at Mahlatini.

While we were proud of the approach we took in this case, we are even more proud of the numbers. Since implementing this new strategy, we’ve reported:

  • 34% increase in honeymoon specific traffic
  • 67% uplift in honeymoon enquiries
  • 119% increase in conversion rate from honeymoon enquiries
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Paid search is a huge part of our business and understanding the quality of the leads we are driving through this channel is key for us. The solution Attacat have provided is transforming how we view the data we collect. It is providing us with a more accurate reflection of the return on investment PPC provides and is steadily helping us improve lead quality across our campaigns.

Chris Goldring, Director, Mahlatini

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