Display Advertising: Creating long term performance uplifts

Topping up the funnel with Google display advertising

  • Additional 6 figure sum driven by dynamic display remarketing
  • Display contributed to a 62% uplift in sales transactions
  • Additional 45% of traffic driven to the site since advertising with Display

Who are Precious Little One?

Precious Little One is one of the biggest and fastest growing nursery retailers in the UK – they have grown rapidly since their inception in 2004, and now supply more than 10,000 different products through their website and retail superstore in Grantham.

The challenge

After working with Precious Little One for some time, we decided to delve a bit deeper into the funnel to see how we could pull new shoppers in. At the time, we were only focusing on the users who were already actively searching for their products. They were a client we had not tried display advertising with before so, by proposing a strategy that included driving new relevant people to the site, we were able to secure a portion of the budget to test reaching out to new potential customer further up the funnel. We proposed, that by driving a large increase in traffic to the site who had never bought from Precious Little One before then we could create a more long-term sales goal. Creating an uplift that was not just visible in paid, but also via other channels such as direct and organic.

The approach

Our strategic approach was to use a range of Google display advertising features in on cohesive strategy (see diagram). This would enable us to drive new relevant people to the site and to remarket to the in various ways so that when they came to the point of conversion, they would choose Precious Little One over the compeition.


The solution

We decided to use a combination of Google Display features including:marketing-funnel-remarketing-plo

  • Display Affinity Audiences
  • Display In-market Audiences
  • Gmail Sponsored Promotions
  • Dynamic Display Remarketing

Our goal was to prove that we could use these display tools to not only increase immediate revenue but to cause an uplift in future revenue by driving relevant traffic that Precious Little One could target down the line.

First, we established two key target markets (Bustling Families & Domestic Start-Ups) which we targeted through affinity audiences. The main goal of this campaign was simply to create awareness of the retailer and build remarketing lists to slowly pull through them further down the funnel. We also used Gmail sponsored promotions to build awareness in the same way.

We then focused separate campaigns on audiences already “in-market” for relevant products who have not visited the Precious Little One site but are interested in the products they offer.

The last part of the strategy involved using dynamic display remarketing to target those who have interacted with our display campaigns but have not searched further and made a purchase. Targeted ads were then shown via remarketing via other sites which pulled them further down the funnel towards conversion. Even if they didn’t convert at this point, they still remained on the RLSA lists.

All the traffic driven from these campaigns were immediately added to our RLSA lists where we could continue to show them ads in shopping and search to encourage further sales when they are actively looking for a product.


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