Data collection policy

Eagle-eyed users of our free cookie audit tool may spot that we are collecting data with the tool, and may have valid concerns about it. Hopefully we can address these concerns and put any worries to rest.

WHAT we collect

  • Pages visited during recording
  • Limited information about the cookies – domain, cookie name and expiry date only
  • Answers to the questions
  • An email address only if you submit one

What we DO NOT collect

  • Cookie contents – as this may store personal or sensitive information, even though it should not
  • Any information submitted as you surf the site, such as forms etc – while I am sure this is technically possible, I have no idea how to do it, even if I wanted to

Why do we need to collect data at all?

The reason we moved to storing data was:
  • to allow a ‘Save’ function which was a requested feature
  • to find out what cookies are being placed most frequently so we can work out what they are doing and make the output of the tool more useful.

Will we use the data for marketing purposes?

No. We will only contact you if you subscribe to updates about the tool and the directive as you save your reports. So why are we offering this tool? Very simply, we just hope to get some nice PR and a few links out of it (we are an SEO company, after all).

Cookies used by the tool

We use a session cookie and, in due course, will add various analytics tools and sharing buttons which will place cookies.

Still have concerns?

We would really appreciate it if you would get in touch. We do want people to use the tool and are keen to address any privacy or security concerns which might put you off doing so.