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attacat rates day rates and standard fees

Day Rate

We have a flat day rate of £600.

What to expect in our quotes

For retained consultancy work, we have clients investing from £500 to much more a month (excluding external fees such as advertising costs). In simple terms if you’re paying £500 expect to have to do a lot of work yourself, at the other end of the spectrum you can kick back, relax and watch the sales pour in.

Some examples of fixed cost work

  • PPC Pilot initial set-up: £1,000
  • PPC Local Account (self managed): £450
  • Social Media Setup & Training: from £650
  • AdWords health check: free
  • SEO Audit: £2,000
  • Quotes: free, as you’d expect.

SEO Consultancy

Our SEO consultancy is charged at £600 per day and for retained relationships we require a minimum investment of 2 days per month. This allows us sufficient time and resource to make a significant improvement in your organic traffic numbers.

PPC Management Rates

Management is charged at 20% on a spend of up to £10,000 per month, 15% on £10,000 – £40,000 and then 12% on any spend that exceeds the £40,000 mark in any given month. We have a minimum monthly fee of £500. If you do not currently spend enough to make a £500 per month management fee cost effective, please feel free to give us a call to discuss training opportunities that would allow you to manage a smaller spend in-house.

There are also further discounts on PPC management if you have other retained services such as Conversion Rate Optimisation or Search Engine Optimisation.

Our management fee covers the following:

  • Continuously researching and selecting appropriate keywords
  • Creating and refining adverts in existing campaigns
  • Monitoring and managing your bidding strategy/rankings/results
  • Pausing/Reactivating campaigns at request
  • Providing a monthly report and weekly statistics
  • Maintaining regular contact to keep you informed of any significant changes.

Work over and above this (e.g. landing page creation, website audits, non-standard reporting, website optimisation) are subject to additional charges. However, in general terms, as your advertising expenditure (and our standard management fee) increase we will do more on your account and we may therefore, at our discretion, choose to waive those charges for additional work. We use our day rates above as a guideline for determining the amount of extra work that can be done within the fee.


Attacat can provide a range of training service across all internet marketing services (or indeed a combination of all of them!).   All training is bespoke to your needs so please get in touch and we’ll pull together a quote for you.

  • Standard Training day rate – £1200
  • Bespoke training services – POA

We can also provide ‘expert sessions’ – this is time with a professional from any area. This type of training has no structure or preparation but allows you the chance to ask any questions you like or to spend time working on your account with an Account Manager. This is charged at the standard days rates as above.

(All prices above are exclusive of VAT)

(Please also see our Standard Terms of Service )

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