Our awards, medals and accreditations

Google Partner

Being a certified Google Partner agency gives us exclusive and first-hand access to industry news, research, products and training. All of which we use to optimise what we do for our clients.

Google Ads Certified Partner

All our PPC account managers are Google Ads Certified Professionals. In order to be awarded this, each individual must have passed at least two Ads exams. These must be retaken and passed each year. 

Google Analytics Certified Partner

We use Google Analytics all day every day and so it’s only fair that we’re qualified to use it, right? Training for and passing the Google Analytics exam is a requisite part of the Attacat curriculum. We strive to have all members of the team who use Google Analytics on a daily basis qualified.

Bing Ads Accredited Professional

Being a certified Bing Ads Accredited Agency ensures our account managers are equipped to operate the Bing Ads interface. It helps our account managers to increase their Bing Ads proficiency, efficiently optimise campaigns and maximise their Bing Ads reporting & tool knowledge. It works in a similar way to the Google certifications, requiring an exam (with a score of 80 percent or over) to be passed each year. The benefits of holding this qualification are that we will have advanced knowledge of Bing Ads and will receive access to beta features first.

Web Marketing Association Award

This award was given to the Eden Springs UK, a web presence we have been at the centre of for many a year. The website copywriting and content quality were given special mention. All this work was carried out by Attacat.

Visual Website Optimiser certified partner

Attacat are proud to be the only digital marketing agency in Scotland (and one of the few in the UK!) to have achieved certified partner status with Visual Website Optimiser. Being a certified partner means we are recommended by Visual Website Optimiser to companies in search of conversion rate optimisation (CRO) services. It also provides benefits to our clients as it gives us priority technical support and invitations to upcoming beta features. The platform provided by Visual Website Optimiser is used by some of the largest companies and organisations in the world. Now all our clients can benefit from our epxerience and expertise with this very powerful tool.

MarketingSherpa email awards 2011

Attacat were awarded a GOLD medal in the 2011 MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Awards in the ‘Best Personalization/Segmentation Strategy category. Beating the entry from Microsoft into Silver medal position.

Twitter Flight School Graduate

Twitter Flight School allows agencies to develop high-impact Twitter marketing campaigns for clients. This qualification was introduced in 2015 and several team members were quick to qualify!

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