About Attacat

Adding value. Growing together

Abstract plus art by Mo Tuncay

Some Attafacts

Founded 2003

On the back of figuring out the power of "digital"

20 HubSpot obsessives

Genuine experts. They are The Attacats

Heavily accredited*

Top 3% HubSpot partner. Google Partner

Edinburgh base

Centrally located. Belief in "in person"

Growing Together

The most important thing is everyone involved gets something out of it. Taking pride matters.

We grow great people

Creating careers for people who love learning and thrive on problem solving is a large part of our raison d’etre.

Attacat team photo

We grow great businesses

We thrive on working with clients who also take pride. Companies who care about their customers, their team and delivering quality.

And we grow too

We’re hugely proud that our ongoing growth comes from helping others grow. We sleep easy knowing that our customers, team and partners are all benefiting from what we do.

We believe this is why our people are so proactive and passionate. We believe this is why clients stick with us for a decade or more and this is why we all keep growing year after year.

“The relationship we have built with Attacat has been key to continuing our growth through unprecedented times. They feel like part of the team rather than an agency working on our behalf."

– Natalie Parsons, Marketing Manager at WorkCast

Our unchanging values for a fast-changing world

Add Value

Solve problems that matter. Deliver outcomes we can be proud of.

Do unto others

Reward well, pay quickly. Work with clients who understand why.

Bottom line every time

We’re proud of profit. We’ll guard yours zealously even if it means less for us in the short-term.

Demystify, don’t bamboozle

Shared understanding is the key to getting everyone working together.

Love technology

For the differences it can make to people’s lives. We seek it out and become expert users of it.

Long term vision. Quick wins

Think long term, find the easy wins that will pay the way to getting there.

Embrace change

We work with those that can make change happen. We constantly reskill.

Enjoy it

A happy team delivers the best results.

And the big question?

It’s the one question we are always asked. But it’s only us and our clients who know where the Attacat name comes from.   So shall we talk?

How can we help you leverage HubSpot?