Everything you want to know about Attacat

A brief history

A brief history of Attacat Internet Marketing

Meet the team

  • Tim Barlow

    Managing Director

  • Carly Bonas

    Deputy Managing Director

  • Jon Mckean-Dow

    Account Director

  • Joel Lumsden

    Head of Product Development

  • Charlotte Hardy

    Organic Team Leader

  • Danielle Malinen

    Visual Experience Designer

  • Andrew Morgan

    Head of PPC

  • Attacat Sam Williamson 2

    Sam Williamson

    Organic Marketing Manager

  • Attacat Jonathan Wood 2

    Jonathan Wood

    PPC Account Executive

  • Will Morrison

    Business Development Manager

Our underlying philosophy: ‘Add value’

We start with the question: ‘how can we add value?’ Not for you, but for your customers and prospects. Together we will identify their unsolved problems and come up with online solutions which will, in turn, bring new customers.

It is the approach we have applied to SEO for more than 10 years, the approach we use to get people to engage with your emails or notifications, the underlying focus of the ad campaigns we run, and it is what will drive us to get a website or app built for you. To summarise, it is the mantra we live by in order to optimise strategies which suit our clients best.

Why? Because the internet really has changed things

The internet has made it easier:

  1. for people to recommend cool stuff and great companies
  2. for companies to be great and offer cool stuff (or ‘add value’)

So, to get you giving more value, we do not just optimise your marketing; we also optimise aspects of your business.

And, as our client, you can also be assured that we will add value to you.

As important as our people are our partners

The ability to deliver an all encompassing service requires knowing what things to do better, so we work with partners we know inside out and know what we are looking to be delivered to you.

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And the name “Attacat”?

Where does that come from?
Well that is something we only tell our clients