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PPCpay-per-click search engine marketing

Pay-Per-Click (PPC):  an internet marketing model that allows advertisers to promote their sites on the search result pages, paying each time a user clicks on their ad.
aka: paid search, paid placement, search engine advertising, search engine marketing
Almost synonymous with: Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Display Network, Linkedin Ads and Stumbleupon Ads.
Not to be confused with: search engine optimisation, pop-ups.

It’s the listings at the top of the page (and the right hand side) and the ones that earns Google a cool $5bn from the UK each year as a result of people clicking on them.


You are right in thinking that more people do click the other listings (see SEO) but that does not mean that the business that is driven through these PPC listings is to be sniffed at. We have clients driving millions of pounds of revenue a year through these AdWords listings alone. And there are plenty making heaps more than that.

The speed and flexibility of PPC, combined with the traffic volumes that Google AdWords can drive, make this an ideal starting point for almost all businesses kicking off their online marketing. This is true whether you’re looking for new customers every minute or if you rely on winning two or three multi-million pound contracts a year.

making a success of AdWords already?

Please challenge us to make a better job of it for you. 500% increases in performance are not unheard of, 100% is the average.

attacat PPC services

PPC Management is in our blood and we can assist you with both English and foreign language paid search campaigns. We offer one-off or periodic consultancy, training and/or full management – whatever works for you. Free no obligation AdWords health checks available – just ask!

costs of PPC with attacat

Costs will vary depending on the service you require – be that a fully managed service or just a few hours of consultancy to guide you in the right direction.  To get a better idea have a look at our PPC costs.

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