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Cookie Audit ToolAchieve compliance in as little as one hour?

Audit your website’s cookies and automatically generate custom cookie information for your privacy policy:

  • finds cookies and identifies common ones
  • let’s you know if any third parties are setting cookies on your site without you knowing about it
  • makes suggestions to help you complying with the cookie directive

It’s free and no registration is required. All we ask is you tell people about it!

(Version 2 released 24/05/2012 – update details)

See the how it works video

For a non-techy web owner like me this tool is brill. Easy and clear flow through the steps; and makes a serious yet boring subject fun and informal. Can now proudly show colleagues and sniffer dogs that we’ve at least done something to comply! – Paul Hunt


(Still sound too complicated? We can do it for you for £200 but seriously – give it a try, you’ll hopefully be surprised)

Getting Started

  1. Install Google Chrome
  2. Install the extension

Once the extension is installed:

  1. Close all other windows and tabs
  2. Clear your cookie history (Click on any page then Ctrl + Shift + Delete)
  3. Click on the cookie extension’s icon in your browser
  4. Press Start Recording button above
  5. Browse your website (do everything a typical visitor does: view lots of different pages, login, post a comment, buy something, fill out forms)
  6. Click on the cookie extension’s icon in your browser
  7. Press Stop Recording
  8. Press View Report to reveal your little devils

Getting Help…

Either join the discussion or call us on 0131 220 1441 to get assistance.

How it works

See the how it works video>>


Good giving you both a summary report as well as a detailed log of cookies during a session. Useful to do an audit of your site. especially now with the EU cookie directive.

Great for seeing all of the cookies that you didn’t think we’re being logged – just in time for the EU cookie directive coming into force…

Simple to use with good results!

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