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SEOsearch engine optimisation

Realise your website’s potential and improve search results

  • 8 experienced SEOs at your service with competitive terms and rates
  • Track record of number 1 listings on competitive terms
  • Current monthly retainer clients have trusted their SEO to us for an avg. of 3 years
  • Experience across a range of industries, ecommerce and B2B.

So…Why go for Attacat’s SEO?

Chapter-1-broken Take advantage of the SEO ‘easy wins’
Fixing problems and acquiring the links and traffic you really should be getting

Chapter-2-remarkableBecome genuinely remarkable
Deserving to rank over your competitors in search engines – bringing you the right kind of visitors, who want to buy what you’re offering.


Future proof your business
Good SEO is scalable and on-going and delivers benefits long into the future. Which means you save on marketing costs down the line.

Create a website that visitors want to, and will find easy to, use

Chapter-6---GreatFill your site with the good stuff
Exceptional, relevant content that will generate links and buzz without you having to ask for them.

do-not-pass-go Stop cheating Google – earn and keep the respect of search engines
Shortcuts and so-called “tricks” will get you into big, potentially business-annihilating, trouble. If you’re yourself suffering from dodgy SEO in the past we can help you to recover your site traffic after a rankings drop or search engine penalty.


Gardens Galore LogoWe have been working closely with Attacat and they have really helped us to grasp an understanding of internet marketing. The regular statistics provided by Attacat illustrate the marked improvements to our SEO. We are delighted to have Attacat on board and look forward to our continued working together.
Jen Byiers, Director at Gardens Galore

Embrace Scotland seoTake the time to explain everything clearly. The training is really helpful, as is the advice and support on a weekly basis.
Emma Gibb, Embrace Scotland


The way we DON’T do SEO

Once upon a time, it was possible to do SEO quick, cheap and dirty, and more often than not it did actually get results. But those days are long gone and Google is now penalising sites that don’t play by their rules, so we don’t do the following junk – it either won’t work or will get you wiped off the face of Google:

  • Buying crappy links
  • Adding your site to unread online directories
  • Blindly stuffing your site with keywords
  • Expecting big results from tiny changes
  • “Doing SEO” once and then forgetting about it for years

If you’re on this page looking for any of the above – then I’m afraid it’s so long, friend: we’re not for you. If you’ve been penalised for this type of thing then we can definitely help you find out why and recover.

The way we do SEO…and get results

RelationshipsEverybody is different, so the first step is to have a chat and a cup of tea and find out exactly what you need. We don’t believe in “off the shelf” products or have set ‘services’ as such, as what gets done depends on what is right for your company and your site; however our work broadly fits into a combination of the following categories:

  • Site audits and technical optimisation
  • Product marketing strategy and creating content
  • SEO-friendly website builds and launches
  • Local search engine optimisation (map listings and suchlike)

Get SEO results today

SEO audits tailored to your needs

SuperheroesOur SEO audits let you see what’s going on under the bonnet of your website. Attacat can do anything from a basic top-level health check (are you ticking the key technical SEO boxes?) to an all-singing, all-dancing deep dive into the content and technical rendering of your website, with detailed recommendations for optimisation, and the best way to for you to do ongoing SEO that will deliver results into the future. We tailor our audits to your specific requirements and budget, but our audits as standard include:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor check and analysis
  • Technical health check
  • Content depth and relevancy check
  • SEO optimisation recommendations with option for implementation

We also offer an “Emergency Audit” – a firefighting diagnosis and urgent recommendations if your site’s rankings have disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Creating content to make search engines and customers love you

(just don’t call it content marketing)

Strategy We hate talking about”content marketing”. It might be the buzzword du jour but to us it’s an overused term that equates good content with half-hearted tactics like the odd blog post or a website page full of waffly copy. “Content” like this won’t revolutionise your rankings and it won’t market your business. Our alternative to “content marketing”? We don’t help to stick content onto your business. Instead we help you make your business the content in and of itself. We’ll work with you to make both your product and your website genuinely remarkable from top to bottom, from which the stuff of stellar, shareworthy website experiences will naturally evolve. Which means:

  • You’ll show your customers exactly how you’re better than your competitors, why your website adds the extra value they don’t and why they should spend their money with you
  • The content itself will be strong enough to attract relevant partners to promote and link to your site
  • Your SEO is ongoing and scalable, as it evolves organically when your business and website does

What’s more, you’ll also be providing delicious meaty fodder for Google’s content-hungry puppy to chow down on, and that means you’re more likely to get rankings too.  

Website builds and launches

Technical-AuditSEO absolutely needs to be at the forefront of any new website design and build – meaning you need to be thinking about SEO before your new website is a twinkle in your eye. Developers and designers do amazing things, but if website construction is like building a pimping penthouse then SEO is the building blocks of that swish pad. Your website needs to be optimised for search engines before it’s launched so that they can access your content, interpret it, and understand what content you want users to see on the site and in searches. It’s much more expensive (and often less effective) to ‘retrofit’ SEO into a site if it hasn’t been considered from the start, so get us in from the beginning!

  • Strategy and content recommendations
  • Keyword research
  • Structural guidance (how users and search engines navigate around the site, fancy term “site architecture”)
  • Page-by-page mock ups your designer and developer can work with (fancy term “wireframes”)
  • Detailed onsite optimisation recommendations
  • Specification and set up of website analytics

We’ll then run a series of thorough checks both before and after launch to ensure any problems are ironed out. That way, your site’s in the best possible shape it can be to rocket through the rankings.

Local SEO

google plus local logoIf your target market is local, Attacat can help you gain those all-important rankings for local keywords as well as a cushy position in local map listings, ensuring your website is placed directly in front of a hyper-relevant audience and getting you visibility where it really matters. A different kettle of fish to regular SEO, dedicated local optimisation can help ensure your website secures valuable real estate on page 1 of Google without the longer slog of pitching for nationwide rankings. From Google + Local to Google Places to Yelp  (to name a few), we’ll help you navigate the mindbogglingly complicated suite of local search platforms available, whether you need to get set up from scratch or have tried and failed to make your mark in local results before. With an extensive network of contacts in Edinburgh, Scotland and beyond we’ll also work with you to secure great coverage and links from online partners, wherever you’re based.

Our Local SEO services include:

  • Local keyword research
  • Site optimisation for local keywords
  • Google + Local and Google Places for Business profile set up and advanced optimisation
  • Citation submission (this doesn’t mean dodgy directories! We’re talking keeping people like Yelp and Thomson Local straight on your business details)
  • Generation of local online PR and links; relationship building with local partners



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